I'm a 44 year old mother and grandmother who works both a full and part time job. I moved into a back apartment to help out the elderly mother of a high school friend who had ended up in prison.
Now, almost a year later, after spending ever dime of my savings repairing the apartment (which was destroyed by drug users while the owner was in the hospital & rehab fighting and recovering from cancer and other medica issues) and making sure the mother was kept safe from the constant flow of drug abusers, thrives and others who her family kept bringing into the home despite constant help and intervention from police, the main home has been destroyed to the point it's uninhabitable, and since my power/water, etc is attached to the main house they've cut it off and left me literally in the dark for going on the 2nd week. Now some "family" of hers who hasn't been around the entire last year and a half when we were begging for help has shown up and decided to not only take over the property, but leave me with no option but to live without power and constant threats, break-in attempts and even harassment of my daughter or move out.  Having spent every extra dime I make on this place, this leaves me looking at living in my car or being homeless. I just want to be able to spend my Sundays with my grandbaby going to church and having a home to come back and watch baby shark again. To have my daughter not worry that I'm going to freeze in the night every time the temperature drops. 

I can stay on couches of family and friends, but that won't help in the long term. I've prayed long and hard whether to get on here and ask for help and, well, here I am. 
Anything will help. I just need to get enough to get deposits and moving expenses. Also, if you can do nothing but pray for me and the situation, not only for me but for the woman who came back into my life at a time when I'd lost my own grandmother and was happy to step in and help fill that void and role as she deals with everything and all the changes as well,  that alone would be appreciated more than I can say. God is great, and He will see us both through this as He has everything else.
Thank you.