Help Fight Mayor Michelle Wu's Tyranny in Boston

Campaign Created by: Boston First Respoders United

The funds from this campaign will be received by Shayne Houlihan.

Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 23,908

Update: As of April 1, 2022 we are seeking to re-up our fundraising efforts as the previous donations of $19,108 have been spent on legal fees and media efforts to bring awareness to, and fight, Mayor Michelle Wu's anti-democratic ruling of Boston. To continue our work we are asking for more financial help from Patriots like you!

Boston First Responders United seeks to re-instill into American society the core tenets of Freedom established by the Founding Fathers and to reaffirm our God given rights to make decisions for ourselves and for our families, without duress from any political or governmental entity.

BFRU stands in solidarity with all emergency personnel, teachers, nurses, all labor union workers, restaurant & business owners and all workers not captured herein. We stand with all those who demand medical freedom while maintaining their employment. BFRU rejects the notion that ones ability to live free and prosper in the U.S. is conditional on subjecting oneself or business to government strong arming and overreach. We believe Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights are non-negotiable.

BFRU calls on Mayor Michelle Wu to immediately cease and desist the following actions against Boston:

-Cease & Desist attempting to force unnecessary, ineffective Covid vaccines on Boston City workers including, but not limited to, First Responders and Boston Public School Teachers.

-Cease & Desist fighting the permanent injunction against Mayor Wu stopping her enforcement of the vaccine mandate against Boston City Workers.

-Cease & Desist the continued masking of Boston Public School children.

-Cease & Desist extorting Bostons North End Restaurants by imposing an unfair, unequal tax of $7500- a tax no other neighborhood must pay.

-Cease & Desist from infringing on the Constitution of the United States and the RIGHTS of WE THE PEOPLE- with your actions of limiting First Amendment Activities of protesting, through creation of content specific ordinances to restrict demonstrations against elected official abuses.

Donations will help BFRU fund further litigation & campaigns to expose and fight against politicians like Michelle Wu and government entities who are stripping away all of our rights in pursuit of their own agendas. Please donate and share our page, every single dollar is used for this purpose with responsibility and awareness of how important each donors generous support is. Thank you!


Update #2
April 1, 2022
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Hey all of our wonderful supporters! Check out our re-vamped fundraising page to get an idea of how we are continuing to tackle the problems created in Boston by unethical, power hungry politicians (non-covid cough Michelle Wu non-covid cough cough) who are hell bent on hurting workers, small business, kids and the community at large. WE ARE IN THIS FIGHT TOGETHER. Thanks to YOU we are able to fund the projects that we do in order to expose the harms being pushed on Boston and the Commonwealth at large.

We are currently working on a large project and could really use your financial help. Thanks! STRONGER TOGETHER- BFRU


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