On January 28, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania found in favor of the plaintiff in Doug McLinko vs Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In short, "no excuse" mail-in balloting has been found unconstitutional in Pennsylvania.

Bradford County, Pennsylvania commissioner Doug McLinko is the lone plaintiff in this case. The establishment Republicans and Democrats of the state all supported the law to allow the flood of hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots that had a dramatic impact on the 2020 presidential election. That year, Pennsylvania voted for Joe Biden. At least, that's how it appears.

Doug is an uncomplicated man from rural Pennsylvania, a dedicated public servant for two decades. A lifelong Republican, he spoke out against Act 77, the bipartisan law which created this mail in ballot mess. He was told to sit down and shut up. He chose to sue instead.

As a result of the Court finding in Doug's favor, he is being attacked by powerful forces. The Democratic National Committee has joined the defendants and is dipping into their deep pockets to destroy him and end his efforts.  Going forward, we know the Democrats will appeal this case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and perhaps to the US Supreme Court. If they fail in the courts, Doug will fight for a statewide vote on this issue. It’s clear the Democrats need the notoriously non-transparent mail in ballots to keep control of Pennsylvania and even continue to decide who wins future US presidential elections. This corruption must end.

Doug will continue to fight for election integrity and ballot security, through all court fights and public referenda. This will cost a lot of money. He needs your help. Please donate!

Can you help Doug in his fight? Even a donation of $10, $20, $50, or $100 will be a big help. Thank you!  For more information please visit BallotSecurityNow.org.