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The funds from this campaign will be received by Shaun Patterson.

Goal: CAD $10,000
Raised: CAD $ 1,111

Update. Judy passed away due to an unknown circumstance after beating COVID and living without a vent for 12 days. She was showing signs of major improvement and was talking and alert.  Suddenly, she took a turn for the worst. She had just been coerced by hospital staff into being vaccinated. The hospital claimed she may have had a blood clot in her lung. Then without due process,  Shawn claims she may have been medically euthanized in his presence. 

The hospital is not forthcoming with the cause of death. He watched as they administered a series of shots that stopped her heart six minutes later.  Please support Shawn as he recovers financially and proceeds with legal action and burial costs. 

This is a press release from Ezra Healthcare:


Update #5 Shaun is joining the convoy to Ottawa
January 23, 2022
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After the tragic and needless medical murder of his beloved Mother, Shaun is going to Ottawa. He is joining the Patriots fighting for this country. He wants to personally send a message to the leadership of our country. This will not stand in Canada. Please donate to help Shaun fight for justice for Judy. There are thousands of grief stricken families across the world who have lost their loved ones due to tyrannical mandates and hospital protocols. Let\'s support a true freedom fighter. 

Update #4 Possible Medical Malfeasance
January 4, 2022
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After 12 days of breathing on her own and being off the ventilator and well into her recovery. Judy was convinced to get vaccinated by the doctors or they told her that she would die. She reluctantly agreed. Six days later, Suddenly and unexpectedly, Judy passed away six minutes after she was injected by the doctors with a concoction of unknown injections. They were told she was being made comfortable for her death by hospital staff  An investigation into the hospital care and protocols is in progress. We are deeply saddened to announce this update. Please help and share to cover funeral costs and potentially, a private medical examination and toxicology report to determine the exact cause of Judy's unexpected death. There are many questions and very little information at this point. Canadian Rights Watch is advocating in the preliminary discussions with the hospital staff in regards to this unforseen and shocking situation. More updates to come. 

Update #3
December 9, 2021
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It is a miracle. Judy is recovering. The prayers are working. The hospital is confident that she will make it through her illness now. Please help this family recover financially while Judy recovers physically. God has intervened and provided a true miracle. 

Update #2
November 20, 2021
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As of last night Shaun was told that his Mother was deteriorating rapidly and that her liver was shutting down. He was told by the hospital that the machine was breathing for her. 
Miraculously, less than 24 hours later, the hospital is now telling Shaun that Judy is now breathing almost entirely on her own. And apparently her liver is no longer of concern to them. 
​This is a strange and wonderful situation, partially due to the amount of public pressure being placed on this hospital. What a miracle! She may end up surviving the attempted medical murder afterall. We will continue to pursue legal action against this hospital for the grave and agregious human rights violations. Please share, donate and pray for all of the other innocent people being medically murdered for profit. 

Update #1
November 19, 2021
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As of Thursday November 18, the hospital has told Shaun that his Mother's kidneys are failing because of the invermectin that he gave her before she was hospitalized. 
They are trying to blame him for her declining health while in their care. 
She is on a ventilator and being given a potassium chloride drip amongst other mystery treatments that Shaun is not considered privileged to know at this point. 
Please share, donate and pray for these good people. 


  • Pray for Judy to pull through this and return to health.