Hi, we are the King family. We are missionaries sent out of Elder Road Baptist Church in beautiful Bishop, GA. I am a graduate of the Crown College of the Bible of Powell, TN. We have been on the mission field in Guatemala since April of 2021. We are helping local pastors reach the lost in in their respective communities by preaching and teaching God's word. We have had the opportunity to be in 12 churches so far. We have been able to see many people come to know Christ as their saviour.

Last week, while attempting to finalize my wife's immigration paperwork with the U.S. Embassy here in Guatemala, we were told that we needed a few more documents to complete the process. These documents should have been provided by our lawyer but sadly he was disbarred last month and is no longer practicing immigration law. (https://www.tbpr.org/attorneys/016429). He has not retuned our phone calls or emails in several months.

We have to have a lawyer in order to obtain these documents that are needed to complete my wife's residency in the U.S. Once we are able to travel to the U.S., we will start deputation and be able to travel back to Guatemala to win the lost for Christ here. We only have one church that supports us with about $65 a month and the money that we saved up to be here in Guatemala is running out fast. If the Lord doesn't provide the funds needed for us than I would have to return to the states to work in a secular job to provide for my family's needs, but I would be leaving my family behind in Guatemala.

Also, we are expecting our 2nd child in July.

The money that we raise will help us be able to stay on the mission field and hire a lawyer so my wife will be able to go on deputation with me in the U.S. If us are unable to help please pray for us.

Send us an email at kings4guatemala (at symbol) yahoo.com to receive our prayer letter.