Ron McCarron is being prosecuted due to actions taken while attempting to escape from an Antifa attack.  Ron was attempting to deliver sound equipment for the "Rise Against Tyranny" event on the Boston Common on November 7, 2019.  A mob approached the van and began attacking the handful of people unloading the equipment with chemicals.  The mob shook and hit the van and then sprayed chemicals in Ron's face while he tried to put up the driver's seat window.  The mob broke through the front windshield with metal chairs from a nearby campaign and a club.  Ron feared for his life and attempted to escape by driving towards the police barracades.  He was only trying to get to safety behind the barricades where the police were standing by watching the attack.  When he arrived he was arrested although none of his attackers were.  Now Ron faces prosecution for reckless endagerment and disorderly conduct.  Rachel Rollns, the Suffolk County District Attorney, is infamous for being lenient on far-left thugs and aggressively prosecuting conservatives.

Please help Ron to cover the costs of his legal fees.  Ron is known for his love of the United States and has been very generous towards Super Happy Fun America and other local patriots.  Let's show him that he has the support of conservatives in the area and our gratitude.