>>>UPDATE<<< She did it! and she did it MASK FREE.  Requirements were clear, masks required. but she walked across the stage without one. Willing to lose the degree (and to be tresspassed from  her own graduation) she walked across the stage without a mask. They did not know how to deal with it so they did not- Be Brave- Be FREE!! Go Channing!!

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Channing attends an Idaho university, but due to an ongoing medical condition, she can't wear masks or any type of face covering/shield. She did last semester to get along with others and suffered with headaches while wearing them. This was debilitating and emotionally damaging.
Channing could not continue that this year and submitted for medical exemptions. Her "accommodation" was to do online learning. For some subjects, this is acceptable. However, she is a senior majoring in physics and minoring in theater. With physics labs and personal auditions, interaction is critical in the last classes she has before she graduates in December. So, she goes to class without a mask and attempts to cater to the demands for social distancing. She goes to class early as to not walk by anyone, leaves after others, enters from a back entrance, or sits in an adjacent room, isolated from others. She deals with the mocking and sneers and the hypocritical double standards and tries very hard to learn. She has been bullied repeatedly by instructors, faculty, and students, to "Wear the damn mask!" Most don't know or care that she can't. So, she stands up under it.
Over the summer, she did not want to live in campus housing because of their restrictions. So, she built out her van and is attempting to Van-Life her last semester. She built out "Shamu" in an older F150 van. It gets COLD in Idaho. But she would rather be cold and free than have to deal with hours of headaches simply to have a place to stay. She is committed to finishing, without compromise. Channing is the example of kind but assertive while standing up under these restrictions. She is always attempting to find a creative middle ground that does not allow others to victimize her.
Any funding raised will go to pay off her loan on her van (approx, $10,000), so that she can start a new business called GOAT Backpack, after she graduates (Greatest Of All Time- www.goatbackpack.com).

To see a great video on Channing building our her van: 

I thought others who are fighting the same battles might be encouraged- that there are young people who are willing to stand up and keep pushing for their dreams. Channing is way too busy to put this campaign together, so I'm doing it (Justin her Dad) and will collect the funds, hopefully to distribute to her just after her graduation!  We will see if she is even allowed to attend her graduation-Yikes!   Also, I ask that you pray for her, it is a lonely road and she often feels like she is the only one- your messages and prayers could be an amazing encouragement! Thank you!!