Rich Rife, via Mali456 Ministries, is commissioned by Jesus Christ to take on all enemies of the of the three C’s: COUNTRY, CONSTITUTION, and CHRISTIANITY.  Rife is mandated to do the heavy lifting regarding exposing this cabal of conspirators, to indict their criminal treason, and to warrant justice to prevail over their intended evil.  Rife is both a prayer warrior and prophet, and in the role of a forerunner shall provide leadership and a courageous example for all who wish to overcome the evil now afflicting America. 
This Rife Crusade prevails over Texas, brings justice against the crimes of Globalists, and shall continue for several months, bringing MORAL REFORMATION to Austin and Texas at large – and has a plan to provide deliverance for all alerted Saints during the catastrophic times which are now coming against America.  Out of the Rife Revolution, the long-prophesied Christian New World Order shall ultimately be emplaced.  Your support is welcomed, both prayer and financial support.