Dear Friends and Colleagues of the Southwest and beyond,

Won’t you join us in the amazing miracle of being able to purchase our suite and chapel that we have been renting for over eight years?  Our location at 4105 N. 20th Street is in the process of being purchased on our behalf by The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant! Our job will be to pay the rent and the association dues and to continue ongoing maintenance. We are so joyous that we will be able to continue our mission of serving our fellow members, maintaining our outreach programs, and anchoring the Light of God in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun. None of this would be possible without God in YOU.

Community is more important now than ever. Whether you live close or far away, we welcome you and support you as part of our family. We are asking you to renew your dedication to God and your commitment to our mission. We need your loving spirit and ongoing solid financial support to make the Phoenix Community Teaching Center a mecca for anyone looking for God and the ascended masters, the saints, and sages of East and West. 

Please prayerfully consider what gift you can give to carry on the work of God in a world desperately in need of His Presence. Thank you.

The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix Community Teaching Center Board of Directors