Dear Supporter of GiveSendGo, 
I am very humbled to be reaching out and with the potential of some support. I am an academic scientist and researcher and have been involved in COVID from the onset of the pandemic. My background, expertise and experience is in evidence based medicine and research methodology and it has been accrued in the last 20 years. 
I was also a former Assistant Professor at a Canadian university but they rescinded my appointment because of my advocacy, namely that I am one of the pioneers of early outpatient drug treatment for COVID and I am against the COVID vaccine for children as it provides no opportunity for benefit and only opportunity for harm. The risk benefit calculation skews a decision against the vaccine. Given my stance on the COVID, I have had job offers rescinded. The best way to demonstrate my position on COVID and my advocacy and who I am is to read the following op-ed’s that I have written (I have written more but this is an example, including this pioneering paper with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Risch, etc. on early treatment for COVID):
4 sample op-eds
2 published papers on treatment
Given my viewpoints as demonstrated in the links above, while all are backed by scientific evidence, because they are against the mainstream narrative, my livelihood has suffered devastatingly. I will not let that deter me from fighting for human lives, safety, and the right for people to have informed choices so that they can make their final decision. I am particularly against any vaccine mandate and I am giving support to several police, military, and nurse group who want to challenge mandates legally.

Children bring near zero risk to the table and must not under any circumstance be in receipt of these vaccines for they could be severely harmed given the harms already emerging from adults and teens. I will not be silent as one of the dissenting voices. I will continue to write, research and appear on global media platforms to spread the truth about COVID.

Thank you for any support you can give me. Donations will not be used as salary. Any donations will be used to fight censorship and to continue sharing information and informing people so they can make their own informed, independent decisions. 
I am very grateful for any help. Thank you.