Hello everyone My name is Gina Bisignano . I attended the capital on January 6 and found myself wrapped up in a whirlwind. I was sprayed in the face by a participant in the crowd and was unable to breathe . We as a group wanted our voices heard.Wr didn’t want violence . Our voices were taken away when our votes were stolen ! I was arrested January 19 and spent 2 months in jail meanwhile I lost my business and received death threats and hate mail. I am trying hard to rebuild my business and pay for my legal fees which are 75k. Please help me to donate to get my life back on track so that I’m able to bless others . I have been thru hell trying to keep my head above water and my faith in Christ will carry me thru .Please help me to raise this money so that I can maintain my freedom ! God wins in the end ! Thank you and God bless this country!