Effective 5pm on October 19th, 2021 Battalion Chief Stephen Davis was terminated for refusing to follow the unlawful order, given by administration, in reference to issuing discipline to his firefighters.Some of the firefighters listed had been vaccinated and some had religious exemptions. Knowing this order was unlawful he respectfully refused and provided justification for his actions. Administration disregarded his reasoning. The discipline given to the firefighters with exemptions violated Title 7, which Orange County Tax payers may have to pay fines per violation for their negligence that came from Mayor Demings and the BCC forced Vaccine Mandates to discipline the OCFRD firefighters for not being vaccinated. Battalion Chief Davis is a Veteran of the United States Army and has 14 years of faithful service and experience at Orange County Fire Rescue Department. He is a husband, with two young children and a respected man within the Fire Department and the Central Florida Community.  His Termination was unjust and a great loss to the Fire Department as well as the Central Florida Tax payers.  The tax payers invested years of tax paying money to maintain his Firefighter/Paramedic training so they have an experienced, highly qualified, and dedicated First responder to be there when they need him. 
Battalion Chief/Paramedic Stephen Davis showed incredible courage for standing up for what is right and just. As a result of this he now finds himself in immediate financial need to provide for his family. 
Please stand with Firefighters and citizens of the Central Florida Community and help aid Battalion Chief Stephen Davis as he has personally come to the aid of thousands in the community.