Discussions of Truth is a FREE SPEECH / FREE PRESS platform created in 2016 in Miami Beach.  The following article explains why I do what I do: bit.ly/ZIKAMiami

I am an independent, unfilltered, live and unbiased voice for American freedom.   Discussions of Truth schedules to air Wednesdays at 5pmEST. When the show is not live, there are a select number of episodes that stream 24/7.  Please visit: iantrottier.com now.   When I am not working, researching, writing or talking, I am helping bridge the vital gaps that need to connect, to preserve the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Freedom in and on our land.  The three most important freedoms in regards (in my opinion) are: religion, speech and press.   

In Doral, FL on Oct 15, 2020, after his NBC TownHall meeting, then US President Donald J. Trump walked into the onsite restaurant, called the Google Whistleblower: Zach Vorhies an "American Hero".  He then pointed at me (Ian Trottier) and said the following: "Hey, who's this guy... he looks like a prizefighter".  AmericasPrizefighter.com

Together we fight forward for America and her beacon of liberty for all. We must DEMAND discussions of truth. 

Thank you for your kind contribution.