Telling a lie is easy, telling the truth is hard. It's noticeable that most of the media choose the easy work!
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First off I want to thank you for just taking the time to read this. What I am about to open up about and tell you isn't easy for me. What's made it easier is knowing that God's hand is in this and He never left me. There's is no way that I would have been able to do what I do, find and uncover what I have through visual investigations, or to even keep going without Him, not at all. Plus I have been able to do something that I love to do, and that's helping others. If you decide to give now and help support what I am doing, or if you decide to pray and share now to help and support what I am doing, either way, thank you and please know that I am very grateful for it.

There is no simple way for me to write this so I am going to just "talk". Married almost 28 years after asking my wife to marry me after dating for 2 weeks. We have 3 sons, 26, 23, and 21 years old. We had a family owned and operate business that we started in 2013 so we could all work together and I could be home more. When we were forced to lockdown in 2020 because of the coronavirus, we did just that because we were told to. When we "were told" we could open our company back up again we did, but we were unable to keep it going and had to close it down. You see most of our customers had been schools, restaurants, and churches, and they were not able to opened up fully or at all and they had to cut back spending. 

Then January 6th, 2021 happened. On January 15th I watched a video of someone that was giving his analysis on what "he wanted us to see" what a violent mob was doing. While watching it something caught my eye. So I rewound the video and hit stop. When I hit play so I could see what it was that caught my eye, well I notice something else. After confirming the 2 things a had seen I investigated this story by watching over 400 hours of video for 28 days straight. During this visual investigation for 28 days, I had to write down what else I was finding so I could go back to and investigate those after I finished this one.  

Let me fast forward now to June 22nd, and before I tell you what happened that day I need to tell you what I uncovered. This story I was working on ended up becoming two exclusives written by Investigative Journalist Cara Castronuova and would be published at Gateway Pundit in August and September 2021.

So, on June 22nd, after 28 years of marriage I get a text from my wife, she was leaving me. I haven't seen her since and the last time I talked to her was July 15th. I was crushed, confused, mad, I was lost, I cried for days, you name it. I didn't even want to go on anymore. Rosanne Boyland's death gave me life. To take my mind off of my thoughts, I worked harder and I was going to find out what happened to Rosanne and whatever else I could turn up. To this day I think about Rosanne, everyday! Because I am not done until her name is cleared, and that's coming. So, I went to work 7 days a week working 16, 18 and sometimes 32+ hours a day, and I still do. On top of that I am trying to keep from losing my home in foreclosure. What had become and still is important to me is saving the lives of the J6ers and doing my part to help save our Country, regardless of what happens to me. So working for others like I do helps me forget about myself. 

"Yesterday's lies will become illuminated by the truth we uncover today"   GM

"I'm not gonna show you what I want you to see....BUT....I will show you what they don't want you to see"   GM

As a visual investigator since January 15th 2021 now, I have viewed well over 5000 hours of video footage from January 6th in Washington, D.C. I have helped legal teams and 14 defendants to date as well as uncovering evidence and stories that haven't been seen that implicates police officers, medical examiners, politicians and even contradicts Statement of Facts written about J6ers.

After I found Rosanne Boyland on the steps at the West Terrace, I started investigating Jake Lang's story and looking for evidence that he saved Philip Anderson and I found it. This is when I began my visual investigations and looked for evidence that would help law firms and J6ers as well as working on finding out who ignored not beefing up security at the Capitol, and why. After I analyze video and compare it to what we are hearing and seeing reported by MSM, what I will NOT do is show you what I want you to see, BUT I will show you what they DON'T want you to see. 

This work is extremely important and is vital to getting at the truth, uncovering that truth and getting that truth into the hands of those who need it most, YOU! This is the only way JUSTICE can be assured! This work is necessary and what I need to do next will require support from those who want the truth. Saving my home would be a huge worry out of the way, but more important then that is I need to be boots on the ground now. I need to go to DC and NY and start interviewing individuals, because I know the who and the why! I need those in Congress that are involved to know that I am about to show you what they don't want you to see.

Here you can watch what they don't want you to see:


Thank you – God bless Y'all.
Gary McBride