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Goal: USD $25,000
Raised: USD $ 4,155
Cody is a stay at home dad to our son (age 4) and daughter (age 11) while I work in the healthcare field. We made this decision at the beginning of the pandemic to help with remote school and save a little money on childcare. I make enough to get by on our day to day life. He is our whole world and was taken away by a raid and search team in the early morning just a few days ago. The reason behind this was something they say allegedly happened 10 months ago. How can someone be taken away like that, when every day is the same routine of waking up bring me to work come home care for our home and son pick me up from work and just stay home and do family dinner and activities. He is the kindest most family oriented person I have ever known and everyone he knows would say the same.  I'm asking for help, any help to ensure he can get the best representation to get to come home ASAP. They are saying no matter his major family ties he may not be able to come home prior to trial. The public defender says it looks bleak and looking at at least a year before even a trial. He is a crucial part to our home and well being and I'm reaching out and praying for anything to help us. The strain alone on his kids missing their father and not knowing what is happening is going to destruct their childhood and as their mother I am desperate to prevent their pain. 


Update #10
January 7, 2023
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Hi everyone- apologies for the lack of updates! Life has been hard and the holidays only make it harder without Cody. Thank you to everyone who keeps this thing still alive. We are still fighting everyday just to get to the next and believe me when we say we appreciate all of you! Cody is hanging on in there the best he can but the Michigan prison is terrible and came with more lockdowns for no reason. Thank you all again for the everloving support 

Update #9 MICHIGAN
September 5, 2022
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Hi friends... well Cody was sentenced as everyone should know... but what you may not know was he was transferred to Okalahoma for holding (we live in western New York mind you) and finally ended in his "forever" spot.... Michigan... a lovely 6 hour drive from home. O and our youngest starts kindergarten this week! This whole process and experience has done nothing but wear me out not only as a mom/partner but as a human. Severely making me question my faith. Nothing besides our love and your guys prayers has been easy through all this and go figure is just going to get harder. PLEASE donate we got through the lawyer thing but now Cody needs money for commissary and I am in desperate need of a new car, mine will not last longer than another few months and cannot make the drive to see Cody. We love and appreciate every one of you! Thank you for sticking with us through this ❤️

Update #8
August 16, 2022
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updateImage We made it through sentencing, 44 months. We are also past 10 months since this whole thing happened. This whole thing has truly been the hardest obstacle in our lives. Cody's about to miss our sons first day of kindergarten just to hear about it in a 15 minute phone call. Our hearts hurt every day, but are happy to have an end in sight. Please keep the prayers coming I love reading them. As always donations are always welcome and helps more than you could ever imagine

Update #7 Getting to the end (maybe)
July 10, 2022
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Still unsure if this gets to anyone, but it makes me feel better. We have 6 days until sentencing and more so than ever need prayers... and donations to help with the transportation to be there in person. Cody needs all the support he can get and we are strapped with money to be able to make it there and back... either way we will make it work but if everyone can still pray for an outcome that brings him home back to his family sooner rather than later, that's all we can ask for. Love you all 

Update #6 June 2022
June 12, 2022
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updateImage I am not sure if anyone reads these but it helps me either way and putting an updated picture of our son. Yesterday our son and myself got to visit Cody as an early birthday present for myself (turning 30 tomorrow). Its really starting to become harder to afford to go see him with the gas prices the way that they are, and keeping up with child care and all our other bills. I will continue to struggle in order to be able to see my other half though and for our kids to be able to see their father. Every time our son visits him he is truly full of pure joy and so good and relaxed the whole time. Cody is such an essential part of our whole family dynamic it breaks my heart daily knowing he's not home. As always please continue to donate everything goes towards Cody and our family. Sentencing next month so please please please keep the prayers coming. 

Update #5
May 22, 2022
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First I want to thank everyone who has been supporting our family through this. We are going through more financial strain being able to finally visit Cody but obviously with gas prices and everything I am not longer able to afford to see him every week. Cody has sentencing in July to see how long he will get and with only 1 phone call a day it's hard to see where his mindset is. I appreciate every donation so far, but please don't lose sight of the goal as we still would appreciate reaching it. Thank you again and above all else God is watching and taking care of us all <3

Update #4
January 11, 2022
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Cody was finally able to call today after another 8 day quarantine in his cell for 24 hours. This is becoming a trend unfortunately and kills me every time it happens. He missed our sons 5th birthday because of this. After Christmas and our son\'s birthday the financial burden is hitting hard and trying to keep up with now car issues and more, its getting tougher. However, i know we will get through this, just have to take it hour by hour. 

Update #3 we still are in need!
November 17, 2021
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We are still in need to pay off the lawyer retained. The outcome is still unknown, it's been 3 days since I have been able to talk to Cody since he was transferred for a third time (his fourth facility) in 1.5 months with no information other than it can take 72 hours for him to call after processing. I am keeping faith but I also know I am being tested, I am here for God's plan and to stay next to Cody through this all. Please do not forget about us and keep donating and praying because we are still fighting this battle. 

Update #2
October 14, 2021
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Based on everything we have researched we have upped the goal. With all the costs associated with this it is going to be way more than initially thought :(

Update #1
October 13, 2021
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Yesterday was the first court hearing we had, to see if Cody could come home awaiting trial. We did not receive bad news but not necessarily good either. The judge is taking a few more days to review the information and make a decision. We are still needing prayers and hope to bring him home. Please keep donating as well as we still need to at least reach this goal to get the best lawyer we can for him, I cant have him lose out on his kids growing up. 


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