RollCall4Freedom, LLC is a California LLC and 501(c)5. We began as a group of sworn, like-minded LAPD members and an LAPD wife who banded together and formed a foundation when the LA City Council passed Ordinance 187134 on August 18, 2021, which unilaterally changed each employee’s employment contract, mandating they be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to continue their employment with the City of Los Angeles. 

Currently, our membership is comprised on 103 Los Angeles City Employees from departments across the city including: LAPD, Animal Services, LA Dept. of Transportation, Department of Water and Power, Public Works (Sanitation, Street Services), LA World Airport (LAX), General Services Division (Garage, Truck Operation, Mechanic, Welding, Fleet Servicing), Department of Recreation and Parks, Building and Safety, Library, Harbor Department. 

Our mission is to preserve the medical freedom of LA City Employees.

Our court filings can be found on our website at:

All proceeds go directly towards our legal battle.