Justice For Jeff January 6 Patriot

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jeffrey Brown.

Goal: USD $75,000
Raised: USD $ 20,619

Please help support our incarcerated patriot!

Jeff went to Washington, DC on January 6 to protest against what he felt to be a fraudulent election. He is a proud Patriot and wanted to speak out, as is his right. 

He has now been incarcerated for over 9 months. During this time, they have relocated him 7 times, he has been in 8 facilities, and 4 states. Each time he moves, he is required to remain in COVID quarantine, which is solitary. He has spent over 60 days in solitary quarantine. 

The conditions are horrendous, he is currently sleeping on the floor in an 8x8 cell with two other men. Three men to a cell. 

Following is his path since his arrest -

In August 2021, 25 FBI Agents used a battering ram to break down Jeff's door, they placed him in handcuffs, in his pajamas, on his front lawn, then took him to the Santa Ana Jail.

Someone with no prior arrests!

He was allowed out on bail by an Orange County Judge who said that she felt it was unnecessary to incarcerate Jeff based on the charges. However, a Washington DC judge rescinded his bail one week later, and Jeff was ordered to report to the courts on Sept 8 to turn himself back in. And Jeff turned himself in as directed.

He remained at a Santa Ana, CA jail for two weeks in quarantine isolation, and then flown to Grady, OK where he remained for two more weeks in quarantine. Then he was transported to DC where he remained in quarantine protocol for two more weeks. The facility where these men quarantined CDF, has now been closed due to filthy and inhumane conditions. The moved the entire prison population (appx. 400) due to this visibility. 

Following the closure of the CDF, Jeff moved across the street to the CTF, where he remained for 4 months. 

These prisoners sing National Anthem together every night at 9:00 EST. They are not allowed a flag, so they have drawn one on a piece of paper.

He then moved to Orange, VA, another quarantine. Six weeks later, they moved him again another facility in VA, where he remains, on the floor, with two other inmates. 

These men cannot survive on the food they are provided, they need to supplement with commissary. They are paying for their own food while incarcerated and not allowed food sent to them by relatives. 

On August 25th, the day Jeff was arrested, 13 soldiers lost their lives in Afghanistan. In their honor, Jeff had their names tattooed on his forearm. He said he would use it for strength. He said, “this is the least I can do”.  

Jeff would love to hear from you. and receive support from everyone. Please help him raise the funds for his legal defense. Please show your support to someone who doesn’t deserve to be incarcerated, and contact him. We want them to all keep the faith! He is fighting back for all of us! 

Please listen to his recent interview from prison. Link below



Update #2 Trial Begins Tuesday Nov 29th
November 25, 2022
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Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week! We will keep you updated throughout the trial. Thank you for your support!! 🙏🇺🇸

Interview with Jeff from Prison
May 18, 2022
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Interview with Jeff in Prison


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