Jessica Watkins is accused of a litanny of offenses relted to walking into the doors of the Capitol on January 6th. Many of these have been admitted to be false by the DoJ, but they wish to continue on full bore; she has not been out of pre-trial detention for 15 months; thanks to the Patriot Freedom fund we have been able to secure Jonathen Crisp for the rest of the pre-trial portion, but we need more before trial. Whether it was combat in Afghanistan (she is transgender) or firefighting/EMT, she had put others before herself often. Her role in D.C. on the 6th was little different, being there primarily to help ensure the safety of others and trying to help ex-fil people from the Capitol as things turned from a seemingly peaceful event to a barrage of crowd-effecting less lethal dispersion; she was keeping her cool getting people out as others were overcome with their first experience with such munitions. The lies told by the DoJ are being fought on July 11; please help Jess fight these lies in open court.

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, Jessica was able to fight her charges in court. To say the trial was terrible is an understatement; the government misled and lied often, as well as bored the jury with non sequitars. It is hard to believe that she would have been convicted of most her charges in a less biased venue than Washington D.C. We are asking for help to afford a potential appeal. If, after weighing all decisions an appeal does not seem in her best interests (an unfortunate by-product of how our system works), she is still in need of a lawyer to help defend against a lawsuit based on the lies of J6.