HOTT INC.,( Helping Our Troubled Teens Inc.) is a new, non -profit organization, created just to help decrease the escalated Death rate of our troubled teen adults .Your donations will be appreciated.

Hott Inc. is dedicated to fighting and decreasing the amount of teens and young adults dying everyday from gun violence, depression, suicide, and more, in the inner cities and beyond, caused by the present times we now live in. Covid, Drill Rap and other forms of Explicit Music, Social Media, Isolation, and Other Factors are Having Damaging Effects.

 HOTT Inc. has created a positive, social platform, providing a live, call-in, toll free, podcast, offering immediate verbal feedback, called "Teens from Da Hood, Back On Track", to bring awareness of the subliminal messages gained from images and sounds they are seeing and hearing from all of the negative factors surrounding them daily on other social platforms. While those platforms are misleading, like glorifying guns, death, drugs, promiscuity, and the like, are turning them into emotionless predators, here at HOTT INC., we are offering better solutions. 
Our format hopes to give a sense of belonging, by bringing awareness though positive conversations and consequential thinking so hopefully they won't have a need to join gangs, and get bodies for street credit. We will teach what real credit is, as well as empathy, hope, self improvement, empowerment, and a host of other things through positive guests, open discussions, and activities.
 The launch date for our first pilot is October 21st, 2021. Unfortunately, and untimely, with the launch date approaching so closely, I am getting as much as I can together, and in order, with limited help and resources. Although I have applied for many grants, and waiting for responses, I cannot wait soley on those grants to manifest, while I am forced to helplessly watch the destruction of our youth daily. I am looking to rent studio space, and an office space, for my staff and volunteers, because unfortunately, they cannot use my home office anymore, because of COVID. Any donation of any value, will be extremely greatly appreciated, and will for sure go towards the betterment of our future society. Your help and Prayers is sincerely needed.
Mercedes Meroney