I am raising money for legal fees that occur in the future for Charles Donohoe. He is a Marine Veteran who chose to stand up for this great country and it's Constitution, and what it stands for on January 6th. Charley is a USMC veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq, then went on to contract. He is a father to his 4 year old son, Sawyer. Charley, like others, is being held unconstitutionally for being present at the Capitol on January 6. He never broke any laws, never entered a building, and never took part in any violence. His intentions were purely patriotic. He loves his country, and stands with his Military brothers & sisters. He came home the next day and went on with his daily life responsibilities like caring for his son, and working his full time job. Two days later, he took part in the search for a young teenage girl missing from Davidson County along with his dog, Blitz. He was arrested on March 17th and taken into custody, where he is still.
I, Stephnie, am his girlfriend of 3 years, and I am asking for any help that you can give. I am making sure he is with plenty of reading material, plenty of commissary, and enough funds to contact his family here at home. With our 2 dogs and life's responsibilities, it's been very difficult to save for legal fees, monthly payments, and maintaining our financial responsibility at home. Thank you to any and all help that you can give!Β