I, Jeff Grace a 62yr old military veteran went in to the capitol on January 6th. It has changed my life drastically and affected everyone of my family members, 6 married children and 14 grandkids presently. I went to D.C. to support Pres.Trump in what I 100% truly believe was a fraudulent election I had absolutely had no thought or intention of entering the capitol. As American people who love our amazing God given country started to walk towards the capitol (March as they say) I joined in. I walked through two open doors with capitol police officers on both sides of the door. Neither one said anything. I walked into the rotunda and noticed some things had been knocked over. ( I saw no one knock anything over) They have me on film being in the capitol for roughly 7 minutes.The Video will show me picking things up and putting them back where they belong for 5 minutes of my 7. A man was walking in from outside with a steel bar Appprox 6' long. I confronted him and told him it was not o.k. to be destructive. I took the bar from him and hid it behind a statue so no one could use it for ill. Two capitol police officers came out of a door from across the room and retrived the bar and on their way back to a room one said "thank-you and be careful". I told them to please stay safe. A few selfies (big mistake) were taken (not by my phone) and I yelled "God Bless America". then left out of the capitol through a broke window because the police had blocked the doors. Long story short which all can be seen on  "ourhouseusa.net", facebook "Jeff Grace", Instagram "ourhousa", Tik-Tok OurHouseUSA" and YouTube OUR HOUSE USA, Since the 6th I have been arrested by the FBI, Feburary 9th, terminated from my job of 26 yrs. Charged with 4 misdemeaners, pleaded not guilty, and now they have not shared my discovery with me because I have stated I want everyone to see what I did. I have been told if I share it I will be held in contempt of court, put in prison until my trial which my public defense attorney said he belived my trial would be next summer. If given I need to share it as I believe God wants me to. Not to hurt but to maybe diffuse some the lies and anger. Since my termination I have (with support and prayers from many) made 2 trips to california to do interviews, rallys, church evernts. ect. I made a 8 day trip in my 4runner to lots of boarder towns to expose the lies and deceit told to us by the left. I have been security at christian events where antifa has pepper sprayed crowds with women & children, thrown eggs at them, thrown flash bang gernades into the crowd ect. Because I have not taken any plea that has been mentioned, and I am telling my public defender (who cannot stand me because of my religious & political views) God is my Lead Attorney and the truth is my testimony. I have been told because of my stand for God and America I will be going to prison. As of 3 days ago they made me surrender my weapons (because of my escalation in Pro-American) I will not quit until God tells me to. The Holy Spirit is my Amor and I have no fear as God carrys me and my amazing family through this Blessing. I am 100% transparent and shared every bit of this. They costantly haarrass me and threaten me with new charges ect.. God is keeping me safe. I am asking for funds to continue the fight where ever he leads and help in my defense when I got to trial. I have been blessed beyond and am so thankful for all the gifts from God but mostly Grace. (my last name). Please dont ever forget that it is OUR HOUSE and OUR FLAG. Both are being so disrespected right now. I will not cower or bow down or kneel to anyone other then GOD.  GOD Bless America, United We Stand, One Nation Under GOD, In GOD We Trust. Lets stand America and take our amazing country back.