Trapeza Building Construction Church of St George

This campaign is being done for the Church of St. George of the Georgian Eastern Orthodox Church located within the capital (Tbilisi) of the nation of Georgia, which is a nation located in Eastern Europe & was the second nation in the world historically to adopt Christianity. This is one of the most unique Churches within the nation as it serves not only the newly developed Georgian community of Digomi but also the growing English-speaking Orthodox expat community that worships bi-weekly at this Church.

At this present time, there are multiple financial barriers towards the full completion of the Church and the second building on the property due to the economic conditions within Georgia that is still recovering from the economic effects of being in the Soviet Union. Presently, the average monthly salary is less than $400 a month, and the poverty rate of Georgia is over 21%, which has made local fundraising exceptionally difficult. 

Planned currently is to finish the iconography within the Church itself that costs an estimated $250 per square yard. In relation to the second building, much work still needs to be done to enable the upstairs to be utilized for the "trapeza" (fellowship) that is done after each Divine Liturgy for both the Georgian and English language communities. It is also planned in the future for a second floor to be added to this building, which would enable a Sunday school for children to be established teaching Orthodoxy & history and an iconography studio to be made, 

More information about the community can be seen in this article from OrthoChristian:


Update #1
August 20, 2021
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The Church and English community was recently featured in an article from OrthoChristian!


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