Fellow Americans

My name is Thomas Sibick and I am fighting a battle I would not wish on anyone. On 01/06/2021 I attended the Trump rally in our nation’s Capital, that day forever changed my life. My intent was to simply go and listen to the speakers, yet I found myself on the West Terrace of the US Capitol building in a situation that I am being persecuted for. I was arrested on 03/12/2021 and released by the local magistrate judge, the government appealed that decision and there was another hearing 4 days later where the DC judge chastised me and ordered me detained pre-trial. Even though it has been over one year I remember that day like it was yesterday, my parents bringing me to the federal courthouse and us saying our goodbyes before being dragged away in shackles from jail to jail until ending up at the DC CTF.

            The mental anguish I went through being locked in my cell 23 hours each day was unbearable. I was being broken and had no one to speak with but God! HE got me through each and every moment until I was let out of my cell and was able to make those three precious calls to my family miles away.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative, Liberal or Socialist there’s one thing that we all can identify as and that is that we are all Americans!! The torment that I experienced has fundamentally changed me and has turned my life upside down. I lost my career, my significant other, my residence, my car and I almost lost myself. This experience has crushed me, yet I pray everyday that I will learn and grow through this struggle, God still has a plan for me, and I will prevail!

I struggle with mental health issues and now am accepting the help that I need to become a better person. Living a positive balanced life has transformed my mindset and allowed me to push forward when I have wanted to give up. This is a lifelong process that I am determined to overcome. We ALL must work together in harmony to build a better country for everyone. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America!!!

I am asking everyone for your help and prayers.

I need to get back on my feet and overcome this struggle.

PLEASE PLEASE help by donating to my campaign.


Thomas Sibick