Christian Patriot Geoffrey Sills January 6th

Campaign Created by: Susan Sills

The funds from this campaign will be received by Susan Sills.

Goal : USD $85,000
Raised : USD $ 5,500
This fundraiser is started to support Geoff Sills to help pay for his enormous legal defense fees related to events of Jan 6. On Jun 18 at 6am our home was raided by an FBI SWAT team. They presented a BLANK search warrant, arrested Geoff then went through every inch of our house, to include operating a search robot under the house. The 'evidence' hauled away was primarily clothing that matched what he was wearing in photos on Jan 6. The next week at his bond hearing, the testifying FBI agent confirmed that Geoff had no association with any of the organized groups who were involved in stirring up trouble during the event. Despite praise from the judge for Geoff having a 100% clean record, he was still denied bail. Geoff's day on Jan 6 started as a last minute decision to travel to DC to support the USA and our Constitution. He looked forward to listening to speeches and to be with the hundreds of thousands of other patriots. As you know the situation somehow morphed into a confusing frenzy. In his personal life Geoff has deep respect for our country and is a practicing Christian who loves to study the bible. His favorite verse is Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). He also spends time playing fetch with Bella, his adorable rescue pup. Recently he helped a disabled veteran move into a new home. He has lost his job with a prominent defense contractor and now faces a long, expensive legal fight for a fair judicial process against the enormous DC machine and their false narrative about that day. They seem to be simply bent on punishing patriots who truly love this country. We ask for your support and prayers in this endeavor. All funds will be used directly for Geoff's legal defense. Thank you in advance.              


Update #22
September 5, 2022
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updateImage “Blessed be God! He has not turned away my prayers or turned his faithful love from me”. Psalms 66:20 Happy Labor Day Weekend Patriots!!! Its’s been awhile since my last post. I have been super busy with my summer job (I do not turn down extra jobs) and dealing with some health issues. School starts back up tomorrow in my county so back to driving the school bus. Update on Geoff…. Geoff was in the process of signing a plea deal but he has been advised by his attorney that a “Stipulated Trial” is in his best interest. This type of trial is a mix between a “plea deal” and a “bench trial” . No jury Geoff went to court August 23rd, legal documents were present and accepted for a Stipulated trial to Judge McFadden. The judge then found Geoff guilty of 3 charges (originally had 10). Assault, robbery and interfering with a official govt proceeding His trial/sentencing has been set for Friday, November 18th. Please pray that God will lead Judge McFadden when sentencing Geoff. Pray that God will be with Geoff’s attorney Mr. Kiyonaga in preparing for trial. Give him the words and evidence that is needed. Please keep Geoff in prayer to give him strength and to keep him healthy. God is in control and we must keep our eyes upon him. Thanks to ALL of you for your support during this difficult time. The prayers, letters and donations mean so much!! May God Bless each of you and our beautiful country. Today’s picture is of Geoff and Bella. He enjoys hiking and usually takes Bella with him. Bella misses her daddy so much and can’t wait to go on hikes again.

Update #21 Happy 4th July!
July 4, 2022
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Happy Independence Day Patriots!! 

Today is not all about Cookouts, time at the beach or just a 3 day weekend. It’s a day we remember our country’s fight for FREEDOM!  Many men gave their ALL by giving their life for our FREEDOM, and today men and woman are still fighting so that you and I can live in the home of the Free and Brave! Thank You!!!

1776 marked the end of Monarchy and Tyranny!  The birth of LIBERTY and a FREE Nation was born. Unfortunately, J-6ers, are still being held as Political Prisoners and their rights for a speedy trial have been denied along with their right to be free on bond. Please keep Geoff, J6-ers and their families in your prayers today and through the week. Please pray for our Judicial System and that the Judges will follow the laws our Founding Fathers wrote.

The picture I am posting today is of Geoff, his sister Laura and myself on our trip to the Space Center in Houston, TX, July 4, 2019. July 4th is Geoff’s favorite holiday and now this is the second 4th of July celebration he has missed with his family due to being detained. He is not grumbling because he/we knows God has a plan for him when this is all over!  

May God Bless The USA Today and always!


“Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all!  By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”

By John Dickerson, Founding Father

Update #20 365 DAYS
June 18, 2022
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Hello Patriots!!

One year ago today, 365 days,  at 5:45 a.m. the FBI  raided my home, arrested Geoff and he became a January 6th, Political Prisoner.   365 days ago today, Geoff has been detained pre-trial at Northern Neck Regional Jail, Warsaw, VA. Bond has been denied 3 times now.  Twice by Judge McFadden.   365 days today, Geoff has not been able to hug his loved ones and we have not been able to visit him face to face. 

365 days ago, Geoff’s and his family nightmare began!!  The physical, mental and financial difficulties of this ordeal is overwhelming. Geoff stated he wouldn’t wish what he has been through on his worst enemy!!  I totally agree!

Geoff and I are so grateful for all the support from family and friends, wether financially, letters of encouragement,  or just reaching out to see how we are doing. We are also so blessed for all the prayers!  Our faith in God is what is getting us through each day. 

Now, today’s photo is of Geoff doing what he loves to do in his spare time. Photography. He was able to get this awesome shot by using his tripod. 

I love you to the moon and back! You are the best son a mom could have. 

Update #19
June 17, 2022
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Happy Thursday Patriots!

Geoff is still enjoying keeping busy being a trustee in the kitchen.  He tries to eat extra fruits and vegetables if they are any lefts trying to stay healthy. The guys at Northern Neck Regional Jail are mostly fed carbs and junk food which they buy through the canteen. Most of them are malnourished. Geoff has lost approx 40lbs. since being arrested last June.

Tonight’s photo Geoff took of himself at the Air Show in Pungo, VA (near Virginia Beach) Geoff has always been fascinated with different types of aircraft wether it’s from WWII or the present. If you share his enthusiasm for these beautiful machines, please write to him and share your stories.

God Bless the USA

Update #18
June 16, 2022
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Good Wednesday Evening Patriots!

Sorry I missed posting photos last 2 nights. Its’s been one of those weeks. 18 wheeler changing lanes in front of me, cut it to short and ran into front end of my car, then kept going. Now dealing with insurance company which is a pain. Blessing, I wasn’t hurt only my car. 

Today’s picture Geoff took few years ago on his adventure to the Big Island, HI  Beautiful endangered  sea turtles on the black sand beach  

Hard to believe that we are planning for trial in October instead of another adventure.  

Miss you Geoff!

Update #17
June 12, 2022
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Beautiful Sunday Patriots!

Geoff worked his first day Friday as a trustee in the kitchen. He is so glad to have something to do to pass the time and has always enjoyed cooking. 

Today’s photo is of Geoff at Big Bend In Texas. Geoff, his sister Laura and I enjoyed the time together hiking and  exploring this beautiful state. 

Update #16
June 11, 2022
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Good Saturday Afternoon Fellow Patriots!

First..Shout out to Hanover High, Mechanicsville, VA Softball and Baseball teams for winning State Championship Game today!!  Go Hawks!!

Todays photo is from Geoff’s trip out to Bryce Canyon. Such a beautiful area!

God Bless the USA!

Update #15
June 10, 2022
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Happy Friday Patriots

Geoff is doing well. Yesterday he was chosen to be a trustee at the facility. He is excited to have something to do to help pass the time. 

Today’s picture Geoff didn’t take but captures his passion for photography. Going to the right spot for that perfect photo. This was taken last year during our trip to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

Love and Miss you so much!!

Update #14
June 9, 2022
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Happy Thursday Patriots!!

There is no new court updates on Geoff’s case. He is still being detained as a Political Prisoner at Northern Neck Regional Jail located in Warsaw, VA. 

Geoff saw the doctor yesterday for on going infection that he has had for the past 10 months. Doctor stated he has STAPH/MRSA INFECTION!! This will be his 4th round and much strong antibiotic. The doctor also told him  it was due from malnutrition. The jail is not feeding these guy properly and giving proper medical treatment!!!  Before his arrest Geoff was never sick!!  Worked out at the gym, hiked, biked and tried to eat healthy.  This is not right!

Next week will mark Geoff being detained 1 year! Geoff is a gifted artist and photographer so each day I will try to post one of his photos from his travels. 

Today’s picture is from his trip to Iceland. When  he plans to take his sister and me to see this beautiful country. 

May God Bless You!

Geoff and Susan

Update #13 Thank You
May 30, 2022
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This Memorial Day, we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. 

Thank you to all active duty, veterans and most of all families who have lost loved ones. 

We will keep fighting this battle for our freedom!! 

May God Bless the USA

Geoff and Susan. 

Update #12
May 18, 2022
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Happy Wednesday Patriots!

11 months today the FBI raided my home and arrested Geoff. 11 months Geoff has been detained at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA  

One year ago this week Geoff his fur baby Bella and I took the opportunity to visit Acadia Nation Park, Bar Harbor ME. Geoff is a fantastic photographer and he was enjoying the beautiful scenery thru the lense of his camera. Both of us were enjoying pancakes with wild blueberries, fresh caught Maine lobster. Little did we know that in 30 days our family would be living a nightmare. 

Even though this ordeal has put a strain on Geoff and his family physically, mentally and financially, we keep our faith in God to lead through this. 

No court dates are scheduled except the trial which is set for Oct. 3rd 

May God keep blessing you!


Geoff and Susan

Update #11 April 22 Court Update
April 29, 2022
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Good Friday Afternoon Patriots,

"Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God, I will strengthen you; I will help you"  Isaiah 41:10

Geoff would like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes!!  He really enjoyed his cards and felt the love.  A big thank you for all the prayers and donations.   Geoff and I are so BLESSED! 

Court was short and not much was accomplished.  Geoff is still being detained at Northern Neck Regional Jail.  Our faith in God is what is getting both Geoff and I through this ordeal.

Next court update and probably the last before trial in October will be in July.  

Please continue to keep Geoff in prayer this is not over and we still have a long journey ahead of us.

May God Bless Each of You,

Geoff and Susan

Update #10 Happy Resurrection Day!
April 17, 2022
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Rejoice, Christ the Lord is risen today!

Today is also Geoff's 31st, Birthday!  Another Holiday and Celebration that Geoff has missed being without his family and friends.  Tomorrow April, 18th will be 304 days (10 months) that Geoff has spent in jail. I miss my son so much!!  

Next court date is this Friday, April 22.  Praying for Judge McFadden, our attorney and Geoff for decisions that will be made on Geoff's behalf. Will update after court.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and enjoyed time with family and friends. 

Thanks for all the prayers, letters and donations!

God's Blessings,

Geoff and Susan

Update #9 Missing Geoff
April 11, 2022
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Good Evening Patriots.

"The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth"  Psalm 145:18

In just a week will mark 10 months that Geoff has been detained.  This Sunday, April 17th, will be Easter Sunday and his birthday.   Another holiday and  celebration that Geoff will miss being with his family.  Breaks my heart what J-6ers and their families are going thru. I miss my son so much!!

If you have time, please send Geoffrey a birthday card or letter wishing him A Happy Birthday!  I know this will brighten his day knowing that you are thinking of him.

Geoffrey Sills  #50240

Northern Neck Regional Jail

P.O. Box 1060

Warsaw, VA  22572

Geoff and I appreciate all the prayers, thoughts and donation.

May God Bless You!


Update #8
March 20, 2022
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Good Evening Patriots.

God is the best listener. You don’t need to shout nor cry out loud, because he sees every quiet tear and hears even the silent prayers of a sincere heart.

Geoff’s birthday is coming up April 17th.. Easter Sunday.  If you have time, please send him some birthday wishes.

Northern Neck Regional Jail

P. O. Box 1060

Warsaw, Virginia  22572

Not much has changed since  last court update. Geoff is still being held at the Northern Neck Regional Jail. He misses his family, friends and his dog Bella so much. It’s so hard to understand why Geoff and other J-6ers were denied bond when murders and actors are out on bond or on house arrest. I do understand why they feel like they have been forgotten or no one is fighting for their release. 

Please continuing praying for Geoff, J-6ers. May God guide them in the many decisions that need to be made, plea deal or trial. Please keep their loved ones in prayer, many of us are being harassed and notes of unkind words are being sent.

Next court update...April 22

May God Bless each of you. Have a good night.  

Geoff and Susan.  

Update #7 Hearts are Breaking for J-6er
February 28, 2022
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God didn\\'t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.

Good Evening Patriots!

Tonight my heart is breaking for the family of J-6er Matthew Perna who took his life Friday, February 25, 2022. Please keep his family in prayer. This is so wrong what the DOJ is putting these men, woman and families through. 

Geoff has another court update, this Friday, March 4th.  He is keeping his spirits up through your prayers and enjoys receiving letters from you. Please keep the notes of encouragement coming especially now since we have lost a patriot.  I know this will be heavy on Geoff\\'s and other J-6ers heart.  

Thanks for all your support,

God Bless,

Geoff and Susan 

Update #6.... 245 days detained
February 18, 2022
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Happy Friday Morning Patriots!!

With God All Things are Possible,  Matthew 19:26

8 months (245 days too long) today, Geoff was arrested and jailed.  Bond has been denied twice now and he will stay detained until his trial date in October, 2022. Geoff and I put our faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour to guide us through this difficult time. Your prayers, letters of encouragement and donations are so much appreciated. Thank you!!

Positive Note!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine\'s Day! The system was down due to being hacked and I wasn\'t able to update.

   Valentine\'s Day turned out to be awesome for Geoff because he was moved back into "K" pod.  Such a relief and giving thanks to God for answered prayer.

Next court update will be Friday, March 4, 2022. Geoff still has a long and expensive journey ahead of him. 

If you have Monday off for President\'s Day like I do, Enjoy your 3 day weekend.


Geoff and Susan 

Update #5
February 13, 2022
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Good Saturday Evening:

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  Matthew 5:44

Not actually sure what is going on at Northern Neck Regional Jail. Friday night after court, Geoff was moved to "B" pod which is believed to be a disciplinary pod.  He then was moved from "B" pod on Tuesday to pod "J" which is still a disciplinary and very rough pod housing approx. 75+ guys. He was told he was going to be moved back to his original pod "K" min security which so far hasn\'t happened.  I pray for his safety.

Geoff is keeping his spirits up and enjoys receiving letters. He loves to read history and military books,  (unfortunately the jail has stopped him and others from ordering books from AMAZON)  Before his arrest he worked as a 3-D artist on Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.  If you have worked with these beautiful machines, he would love to hear from you!!  Below is his address.

Geoff Sills

Northern Neck Regional Jail

P.O. Box 1060

Warsaw, VA  22572

That\'s all for tonight.  Hope everyone has a good night and enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow, even if your team didn\'t make it.

God Bless,

Geoff and Susan

Update #4 Bond Update
February 6, 2022
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Good Sunday Morning Patriots. 

2 Thessalonian 5:16-18

Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God\'s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

Even though this mom\'s heart is broken because Geoff did not receive bond again yesterday and will stay incarcerated until his trial date in October, 2022, I give thanks for all God\'s Blessings and know HE is watching over Geoff and my family, HE has a plan for all of us even though things may not go the way we want them too. 

Please keep Geoff in prayer.  For some reason when he returned to Northern Neck Regional Jail after court Friday, the facility thought he had received bond and removed all his personal belongings and bedding.  Even if he had received bond, he would not been released Friday night.  Needs to go through the red tape.  His phone account was disconnected and a buddy was kind enough to allow Geoff to use his account to call me to let me know things were all messed up. Saturday morning, I received a message that Geoff was moved to the disciplinary POD. I am thinking what for!! Geoff\'s attorney was kind enough to drive the 2 hrs to the jail to find out what was going on and to see if Geoff was ok.  Thank you John!!  Hopefully, Monday the issue will be straightened out and Geoff will be back in his old POD.

.  But, once again, God knows what\'s best for us and will take care of our needs. 

Please keep the letters coming to Geoff and thank you for all the donations. 

In God\'s Love,

Geoff and Susan

Update #3 January 29, 2022
January 30, 2022
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Good Evening Fellow Patriots!

"Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties"             -CS Lewis

It\'s been a rough couple of weeks for my family.  My husband ended up having Covid pneumonia and has been out of work, but with God\'s continue healing, will return to work this Tuesday. 

On a sad note, my father-in-law, Geoff\'s grandpa passed away January, 20, 2022 from complications from covid. Prayers for family.

Geoff\'s next court update is this Friday, February, 4, 2022. I believe his new bond hearing will also be heard on this date.  Asking for prayers that God will be with Judge McFadden when making his decision and God will give Geoff strength and allow Geoff to know that he is loved so much, no matter what!!

Once again, Geoff and I appreciate all the prayers, donations and letters that has been written. Geoff is still incarcerated at the Northern Neck Regional Jail.  Geoff would love to hear from you!

Geoffrey Sills #50240

c/o Northern Neck Regional Jail

P.O. Box 1060

Warsaw, VA  22572

Please share Geoff\'s story and may God keep Blessing you and the USA. 

Geoff and Susan

Update #2
January 4, 2022
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Geoff and I want to wish everyone God’s Blessings in the New Year!

The Grinch visited my house this Christmas and left Covid with my husband and me. This illness has hit us hard due to other health issues we both are dealing with, but with many prayers, we are on the road to recovery 

Geoff is still incarcerated at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA. He really has enjoyed receiving letters of encouragement from everyone and thank you for keeping him and other J-6ers in prayer. His attorney has filed paper work for a new Bond Hearing so he/we are waiting for this to work it’s way thru the system. Next court update will be February, 4, 2022. 

Covid is going through the jail so please pray for the health of the residents and the health of the CO’s. 

“Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties”

                 CS Lewis 

God Bless the USA, 

Geoff and Susan

Update #1
November 25, 2021
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Geoff and I would like to thank you for the prayers, donations and to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Geoff is still incarcerated at the Northern Neck Regional Jail  He appreciates the letters that has been sent and
will be responding back.  If you would like to write to Geoff, here is his address:
Geoffrey Sills #50240
c/o Northern Neck Regional Jail
P.O. Box 1060
Warsaw, VA 22572

His next court date is Friday, December 17, 2021 for both parties to update Judege.

Please keep Geoff and other J6er's in your prayers.  It's really difficult with Christmas around the corner.


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