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"Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the world. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword".

It was a warning meant for the end of days...the years leading to the end of history in 2026. 
I spent five seconds in 70AD Jerusalem where I learned my Theory of Convergence was not a theory but fact; look to history as an equation in the context of a plan per Arthur Link: “Secular historians "live scrupulously, morally, righteously by the law of historical method but that method leaves us in vast darkness. It tells us that there are facts but does not tell us what they mean.... We cannot take an honest view of human history unless we acknowledge God's work through human kind in history."

I am not a prophet; I have no words from God to share. The Convergence Matrix was revealed using the oracle of reason and detailed in the Not Peace but the Sword book trilogy; stunningly accurate matrices opened with the key that was the deaths of Jefferson and Adams on July 4th 1826. Walk through the history of western civilization in 250 year steps starting from the fall of the 2nd Temple in 70AD.

320AD---the birth of a politically powerful Trinitarian Catholic Church
570AD---the birth of Muhammad
820AD---the birth of autonomous western civilization
1070AD---four years after the Battle of Hastings, Anglo-Saxon Britain is born.
1320AD---the undisputed start of the Renaissance with Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy
1570AD---Elizabeth I excommunicated, a protestant island created…the Enlightenment begins.
1820AD---enabler Friedrich Engels is born two years after Karl Marx.

The final confrontation between good and evil clearly defined in a message written across the tablet of time; western civilization caught between a false religion, Marxianity, posing as a political ideology in alliance with a political ideology, Islam, posing as a religion. Both seek the destruction of the United States so as to destroy Israel.

The events and individuals identified from 70AD to 1820AD are but the first paragraph of a message written in the ‘language of God’ mathematics…the second leaves no doubt as to the identity of the author.

7 represents G†d’s creation; natural perfection: 7 days of creation; 7 days to the week; seven oceans; seven continents, and exactly 7x250 for 1750 years between Abraham receiving the first covenant in 1743BC and Yeshua in the temple at age 13 in 7AD…then 1750 years between his crucifixion in 26CE at age 32 to 1776. The United States bears the personal imprimatur of our Creator and the cadence spans 6000 years including one imposed on the Satan requiring a unique key.

Three verses of Exodus, 14:19-21, are unique in the entire library of human literature; three verses describing how G†d protected the rear of the chosen people from the Pharaoh’s until the sea parted; three consecutive verses containing 72 letters each when arranged as 72 triplets, forward and reversed, are said to not only represent the names of G†d but His divine attributes forming the essential pattern of creation; three verses defying Pascal's probabilities mathematics...72 is a key.

When you look at the moon or the sun does the fact there is a precise 400 to one ratio even occur to you or is that something you never knew? The diameter of the sun is exactly 400 times the diameter of the moon and the distance to the sun is exactly 400 times the distance to the moon which allows for the spectacular coronal effect during a full eclipse.

Look closer and you will see what none have noticed until this moment; the diameter of the moon, 2160 miles, is exactly 72x30 and the diameter of the earth, 7920 miles, is exactly 72x110 with both the earth and the moon orbiting about their barycentre; the common center of mass which varies but on average follows the moons orbit over 2000 miles below the earth surface at a point that is on average 72% of the earth’s diameter.

Even the significance of the numbers 30 and 110 lend to the relationship between God and man; age 30 signifies the apex of a man’s development and the assumption of authority; 110 is 10x11 or 5x22 and every number indicated is significant to Judaism. The matrices are pure mathematics those separated from God will have great difficulty dismissing…unknowingly supplemented by Michael Schneider as part of his ‘Constructing the Universe’ series.

“…the diameters of both Earth and Moon, 7920+2160=10,080, is the same as the number of minutes in one week” and “…10,080 is a Highly Composite number with exactly 72 divisors; the same as the average number of heartbeats in a minute”.

The number 72 as a key not only links the size of the Sun and Moon directly to heartbeat of humanity but the number of minutes in a week evidence the significance of the number 30; human scientific knowledge has reached maturity and when His key is embraced those who speak with authority and conviction can say God created both a perfect moon and a perfect sun to create a perfect home for mankind; recognized in His actions and dominion per Maimonides. The Satan, evil incarnate, is locked into the same key.

Evil incarnate is spiritual evil assuming flesh and blood and until now a matter of opinion with Adolf Hitler leading the list of candidates; the Führer offering hope and change to the German people after the first college professor in the White House, Woodrow Wilson, allowed America to be drawn into the death throes of European empire thus setting the stage for WW2 with the Treaty of Versailles.

The references to ‘college professor’ and the promise of ‘hope and change’ are nothing more than ugly racist memes directed at Barack Obama in the estimation of Marxian academics and intellectuals but the truth is by no means mere opinion; just as the first axis of the matrices identify Athanasius, Muhammad, Marx and Engels as evil incarnate, so too an exceedingly specific axis identifying the machinations of evil incarnate with such specificity it cannot be ignored.

For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution”. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

“Genuine historians” would be close but it is only from the higher vantage where the true implications of history can be seen; the French Revolution ushered in a godless secular ideology not easily transmitted to a United States intended from the beginning to be a continental fortress of Anglo-Saxon Protestant Judeo-Christianity that originated in 1570 England.

Mankind has paid a heavy price for the bloody egalitarian and anti-religious French Revolution including the inevitable rise of two secular false religions with Marxist socialism and National Socialism; cousins responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people in just 100 years. The axis of evil began with the French Revolution in 1789 followed by the Civil War in 1861, Hitler in 1933 and ends in 2005 when Obama entered the Senate...all separated by 72 years.

The labeling of the matrices as mere numerology will be legion but no; numerology is confirmation bias writ large while convergence simply points out Hitler was born exactly 100 years after the inauguration of the Constitution in 1789, was age 44 when he became chancellor in 1933, and Obama was born in 1961 exactly 100 years after the start of the Civil War in 1861, was age 44 when entering the Senate in 2005; exiting the White House as the 44th president after 12 years in federal government as did Hitler. The number 44 as a key in this instance.

HaShem’s three dimensional chess to numerology checkers; reasoned and logical in context and impossible to dismiss given the mathematics. To confirm the influence of actual evil according to a plan one need only ask what 1789, 1861, 1933 and 2005 have in common as it concerns the final confrontation in the approach to 2026?

The French Revolution in 1789 created an intellectualized political ideology less secular than anti-religious; enforcing egalitarianism rather than liberty as does Marxianity.

The Civil War in 1861 allowed for burdening the United States with the original sin of slavery despite the hundreds of thousands who gave the last full measure; carving the mark of Cain across the very soul of America, Marxians will never allow to heal.

Hitler's Nazis forever tainted nationalism as racism, but few acknowledge his social engineering.

Obama weaponized agencies and introduced Critical Race Theory so as to engineer society.

Secular anti-religious Marxian Jacobins, 1789, are festering slavery, 1861, and nationalism equated to Nazism, 1933 to create the specter of white supremacist nationalism to emasculate Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans to insure they are as sheep to the slaughter so as to bring about the planned second coming of Obama. Evil is not hard to recognize.

God chose me to do what a thousand voices crying in the wilderness a holy war.

The "conservative" establishment has proven incapable of taking the fight to the enemies of God but I will, and average Americans can take part in real time. Donations will be used to form a Wyoming LLC with seven subsidiaries to mount massive retaliation to reverse 100 years of decay...with the first order of business a federal court filing to force the reintroduction of the God of Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 to the classroom as history per the Matrix. 


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