Hello my story is like so many of the people who have been involved in what I believe is injustice that is happening with our fellow Americans
surrounding January 6th at our nation's Capital .
on May 13 2021 the FBI and multiple other agencies including Homeland security showed up at my family's business in my small town and arrested me, while another 17 to 20 went to my home where only my 15 year old son was and held at gun point and proceeded to search without showing me or my wife a warrant.
I went to DC to protest our rights as free Americans, to make our voices count. I went not to do violence or harm to anyone just express my constitutional right. I did end up inside the capital rotunda area and no further, but It was after the initial brech somewhat 45 min to an hour and walked in past police that did not stop me I have it on video. I didn't hurt or break nor steal nothing. All of my charges are misdemeanor and non violent.  I was in the capital for 17 min and did not know I was trespassing filming and even have on video of me telling police I would protect if I had to. Also told them don't touch me and I wouldn't touch you. I did not go to DC for violence. My wife and I are multiple business owners and have 2 great sons 12 and 15. Members of the church of christ and volunteer in our community and church and always trying to help people. Legal fees are coming and I am asking for some support. I am a conservative Christian who is just trying to raise my kids with good values and to have faith in our lord chirst Jesus. Anything will help God bless. Anything over what I do not use will go to others fighting the same fight 
God bless you all
The Mott family