Nataliya Gissibl Family

Campaign Created by: Beth Clark

The funds from this campaign will be received by Nataliya Gissibl.

Raised : USD $3,675

Nataliya Gissibl would be mortified that I started this fundraiser. Nataliya is in the US with her teenage daughter, Anya, while her son, Nils is stranded in Ukraine. You see, Nataliya works as a teaching assistant for special needs students at the high school, she then goes to work at a day care center after school and then to a 3rd job cleaning medical clinics in the evening. On weekends she picks up 12 hour shifts at Quad Graphics when ever they have work. She does this all to put her son through medical college that must be paid ahead, provide for her daughter and help financially support her Aunt who is also in Ukraine. The reason I set this up is 3 part. 1. The immediate cost of long distance phone calls since wifi is down is very expensive. She also needs to send extra funds to Ukraine because they were not prepared for war and are trying to stock up on supplies the best they can. 2. The ultimate goal is to get Nils out of there. We do not know how that will work right now or what the cost will be but we want Nataliya to be able to purchase a plane ticket or arrange for transportation to Poland or other areas taking refugees. 3. This is an incredible amount of stress on Nataliya and I am concerned when she is working so many jobs to stay afloat. If she could rid herself of just one of these jobs, it would be an incredible blessing. For those of you that know Nataliya and Anya, all they really want is your prayers, your love and your hugs. So please, say a prayer for Nils and all of their family and friends in Ukraine. Thank you for considering helping and for all those who have reached out in love to Nataliya and Anya. 


Update #1- April 20, 2022
April 20, 2022
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Thank you all so much for the donations! We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. It has been a difficult month for Nils & Vera in Ukraine as well as for Nataliya and Anya. We finally got Nils and Vera located to Lviv. They took the train and right after they left, the train station was bombed. Once they got to Lviv the plan was to proceed to the border to get to Poland. Unfortunately, Ukraine is not allowing male citizens to leave the country. Nils is a dual citizen (German & Ukranian) so we thought they would allow him to cross. Sadly, they turned them back. They returned to Lviv and the attacks started then in Lviv. Nataliya drove to the German consulate in Chicago and they could do nothing to help. We have also been in touch with the US government and they can not help. We are about to try another option to cross the border and this is where your donations have been so helpful. Nataliya is flying to Poland to be there to speak to border patrol. Nils & Vera have been taking many trains, buses & taxi rides along with incurring high hotel bills. Please know that every single person that has donated has a part in getting Nils & Vera this far. We are praying for good results in their next attempt to cross the border and will purchase plane tickets as soon as we get them to Poland, Belarus or Slovakia. We ask for your continued prayers. We will never forget what you have done to help and pray for you as well. 


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