Disabled Army Veteran Sgt Padilla Joseph and Family

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February 23, 2021 started out to be a nightmare, my husband Joseph Padilla was arrested by the FBI for going to January 6th and I was terrified. Our nightmare had just begun though, Not only was my husband arrested and taken away but three day later our landlord evicted us with three days to get out. We had no where to go, and my three boys and I were for the first time hopeless. With trembling hands and tears, I called my brother and asked him if he could help... I didn't know he was going to add to my already growing nightmare. He offered my family a small room but what I didn't know was it would come at a price. He wanted $600 for just the bedroom my boys were sleeping in, another $200 for the room I shared with my niece, plus half and what ever we added to the expensive electric bill, and a few other bills. My head was spinning, I had lost my husband because of FBI arrested him, now I am trying to support our 3 boys. I am now working 3 jobs while dealing with all these emotions of what is happening with my husband plus our living arrangements. My mom finally came to my rescue and asked me to come live with her two weeks into living with my brother after he demanded I buy him a new rug!   Living with my mom has been a blessing, but I am still in search of my own home... which is not made easy as when I call and ask for availability, as soon as I say my last name many will tell me there is no availability others will say they are looking at the wrong screen. Others want obscene amounts of down payments, or others say they don't allow Felons.    My mom has been patient but I'm asking for your help to not only help financially find me a home but also pray Find a home my husband can come home to.


Update #46. 9/27/23. 3:16pm
September 27, 2023
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Well, my oldest and I made it up to DC. We also made it to Jose sentencing,  where we listened to the prosecution make it sound as if my husband was the only one there doing everything on January 6th.... kinda like a super human.... alone.... ramming barricades  and yelling at people..... alone...   

The judge was fair, I have to admit.... 6.5 years, 2 years probation,  and 2,000 fines to DC....

I am now fighting a battle for my family.... and I can't stop for fear of failing them.

Update #45. 9/4/23. 12:14pm
September 4, 2023
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This month my oldest and I have to travel up to DC for Jose sentencing.  Talk about being nervous, I've been having night terrors, and flashbacks... I'm terrified there going to take him away and we're going to lose everything.. He brings in the income and provides all the  financial support  and with out him the boys and I, even though I work.... will be destitute. 

I have to be in DC on the 13th for his sentencing.  I am asking for your help. Please help me get up there. Please help with food. 

On another note, my oldest has found a car, it's his first car and he turns 18 on Thurs... he is so happy and he can hardly wait to see it. He's worked payments for it, and he's ready to bring it home. Pray he's really ready to drive....

Update #44. 7/5/23
July 5, 2023
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Sorry, it's been awhile! Life has been crazy since Jose's trial... But, the boys and I are still fighting the good fight, and doing our best to stay strong.

Our church sponsored my youngest for two weeks of summer camp this year... He is having a blast. I can't wait for him to come home and share all he did with me.

My two other sons and I went to our local fire department where we helped set up for the 4th of July. I reluctantly allowed my boys help with the fireworks this year. My oldest, youngest a junior fire fighter and I volunteer there on a regular basis.

So, on to life in general.... school is coming up and the needs for school supplies are desperately needed. I have two in highschool... that means calculators, fancy binders, and cost of experiments,  and books where we go to school! 

Then there's my middle schoolers need just about everything for him, he's had the same backpack for three years now....and it's about wore out...

Please pray I find a closer job... one that makes more money, and has more hours and one I can downhill raising my boys....

Thank you all for your prayers. 

Update #43. 5/24/23. 2:23pm
May 24, 2023
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So, my middle son has graduated! I am so proud of him... I'll have two in high-school next year, I can hardly believe it. My youngest is moving up to 7th and proud he thinks to rule the school..😂  Where does the time go? One minute your holding in your arms and next they're teenager's running circles around you! It's insane......

I have been preparing for summer activities, my oldest will be working as much as he can, my middle son is also looking for work and doing very well. While my youngest wants to work on a farm, but farmlife is little hard to come by for someone his age...

Thank you all for your kind words and uplifting support. Between you and Christ, I fear nothing. Because I know I have friends who are there for me. Christ knows my heart! Thank you all for being here.

Update #42. 5/7/23. 1:45pm
May 7, 2023
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We made it home safe and sound. The boys were more then ready to sleep in their own beds, as was I. You know that feeling when you've been gone so long and you walk Into your home and it's just like...... Ahhhhhhhhh... that was me...

Ok on to more serious stuff, two of the boys were able to see their dad Friday. They were so happy. They chatted right away,  and filled him in about almost everything. It was hard for my boys to leave, my oldest cried as he left his dad and my youngest went silent.  

I swear I can never catch a break,  I need help with my car payment. I am now two months behind on it and about to lose my car. Last month I had to fix my car, this month I was in Washington DC for a week, at my husband's trial.. I swear the devil is playing hard with my family....

Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your generosity you are all amazing and wonderful people.  The Lord has put you in my family's life for a reason.I will never be able to repay your kindness. 

Update #41. 5/4/23. 3:38pm
May 4, 2023
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I want to thank you all for praying for my family. I am still going to need your prayers and your help over the next few months.

Well, I am still struggling with what I've see over the last three days. I guess one can never be fully prepared to watch your loved one be racked across the coals. Then the verdict hits, 10/11 guilty. Which I'm still confused about, so many of them were the same thing just worded. The judge also set Jose's sentencing in September... 

Our life is going to change even more, and I'm trying to put on a brave face but it scary facing the unknown......

Update #40. May 2, 2023. 7:39am
May 2, 2023
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Family and friends it has not been easy sitting in the court room listening to the prosecution bash my husband, and bash him they did.... I have to admit the man they made him out to be was one of a heartless and vile brute... but I know him, my boys know him.... we have been apart of each other's lives for 20 plus years now and they want me to believe that this man has changed in one day... no...my boys hearts are broken because of what was said about their dad... they know their dad to be loving, supportive, understand,  helpful, kind, always around....till now.

Going into day two, and we're praying for God to our witness... we are asking for prayers to lighten our hearts and to strengthen our soul so that when our time comes.... our judge will have mercy on us and I understand. 

Things are going to be tough the next few months..... and the boys and I are going to need blessings to survive....

Update #39. 3/2/23. 10:58am
March 2, 2023
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Well, when it rains it pours...and..

My car is down again, this time it's the compressor, condenser,  expansion valve both front and back and....... the econ bag that goes on the compressor......

I'm praying for a break!!! I have been told that it's going could cost me between $26-2800 bucks.... 

The lord knows I don't have that, and there's no way for me to just pull it from my pocket either.... I'm praying for a miracle. I can't go to work, I can't do anything with out my car.... 

Please help me pray for a miracle. 

Update #38 2/25/23. 7:08
February 26, 2023
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This week has been rough to say the least! Two of my children have been home, one home with insomnia, and the other home with a serious case of IBS.

On Thursday, February 23, was Jose's second year anniversary of his arrest. It was a very hard day for the boys and I. 

Tonight is my oldest military ball! He looks so sharp, but he wishes his dad was here to see him stand here in his uniform. 

Update #37 2/7/23. 10:10am
February 7, 2023
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Ok, I need your help!

The boys and I haven't seen Jose for 24 months..... We were suppose to go to Washington DC, February 17, 2023... to see him... but the warden has once again decide to toy with our J6ers. Instead of allowing the normal family of 5 in she has decided to close the doors and only allow in 3 at a time as of two weeks ago... claiming "safety" for all involved.... 

I need your help... get the word out there that Warden Landerkin has closed the doors on families. Making them choose between children who has not seen their family members in years! She's a nightmare! 

Update #36. 2/6/23 6:54pm
February 7, 2023
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I know I'm not very good at keep everyone updated on our family and I apologize

Once again, I am forever grateful for Patriot Freedom Project who helped us through Christmas last year. Though it was small, we're we grateful for being able to be together as a family and opening gift provided by patriot Mail project. We had a little snow and the kids had a blast.

January has passed with little action OTHER then my oldest so getting his Driver's license........ heaven help me....another 17yr on the road.. and behind MY wheel... 

February has come and other then doctors apps, Nero apps, school meetings, im still working two jobs and  I have added volunteering at my church as the library aid......

My boys have four dances coming up this month for school and I think they each have girlfriends their not telling me about...

My oldest is excited to go to his girlfriends dance this weekend and she'll be going to his military ball with him soon. While, my youngest two have their dance....

I'm still struggling to write a letter to the judge, it strange..... you love a man for 20 years, been married for 17... almost 18...  and when you have to sit down and tell one man what's on your heart.....your mind goes blank.  It's like you want to tell him that the man his about to throw in prison is your other half, is your world. But he won't understand that because all he sees is the bad.. He doesn't know that this mans heart is pure American. That he almost gave his life for Our County not once but a few times. 

I am a broken women, this separation, this torment has crushed me. I don't understand how a group of people can attack, destroy,  injure, burn and even kill and get away with.... and they call it "fair" or "their rights", while another group of people gather and are peaceful until provoked and roused, then called wrong for defending and standing up for their right as individuals.  And yet they are the ones that go to jail...

Yes, I don't understand...

I'm sorry..... I guess I'm never to understand the  bs of politics... but I know right from wrong... and this is wrong....

Update #35. 11/7/22 5:45
November 8, 2022
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Sorry, life's been crazy...

Between cars not wanting to work, kids having issues at school, all of us catching the stomach bug, someone stealing my credit card number and hacking our bank account (which was soooooooo much fun).... we have been going 

I'm gonna brag on my oldest ðŸĪŠ for a second!!! One proud momma! Ok, get in the mind set.......

Beeper go off, my son checks his phone; "MOM!!"",we got to go!!"  This kid grabbed his gear and me in the car in less then 5 min.... Ready to head to his second fire ðŸ”Ĩ/ rescue response just down the road! We were the second one on scene. As we pulled on scene he quickly jumped into action, spoke to the officer and started directing traffic till his chief arrived moment later and took control of the situation. When later, his chief said he did great!! 

Halloween weekend the kids were so happy, they each had their own costumes, my youngest my was "astronaut", my middle son was a "Templar Knight," and my oldest son went as a "The Prince of Darkness". Went to fall festivals, and blockparties where not only did the kids get a bag of junk food, the also got lots of pictures. The one moment that brought down the weekend was the group of men dressed in orange jumpsuits.. my youngest started crying...

This last weekend my boys went on a church camping 🏕 trip and I had the house to myself... well till I had to work.... I had a hard time... I was alone in the house... and I had mixed feelings... I was grateful for a break... but I missed them so much and I missed my husband even more..

I'm still working two jobs, one of my boss did a break away room which was so much fun.. there is something about being put in rooms with 5 people you work and you have to find clues to get out, to find out just how awesome they are... and what kinda freak they can be, to what they know.... 😆ðŸĪĢ😂

My heart is still breaking, everyday my heart breaks. I miss my husband. I ache to hear him say he's homesick, and can't wait to get home. But, on a odd note he has this running joke about want a rhino... I once accidentally sent him a kids book about rhino and something or other and ever since he asked for a rhino..lol

Maybe when he gets out I'll get him a little stuffed animal rhino.....

Update #34. 7:38pm 6/24/22
June 25, 2022
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Today has been hard,  I have been sick for awhile and I have missed work. I have seen specialist which were jokes, and I'm waiting on hour long scans for my chest and other things. I feel like someone has taken a pressure cuff and placed it all over my body. I have swelling in my feet, and tightness in my chest that just never goes away.... All I want to do is cry right now... 

Last night I had such horrible nightmares. Nightmares that woke me up in a cold sweat and had wishing for Jose to be laying beside me...and yet I had to wait to hear his voice to put calm back in my heart. 

I feel so broken, with out my other half. This is not right, taking a good man away from his family. Yes, I've seen the news articles, the videos, people calling his names and all the hate mail I receive on his behalf claiming we deserve this...

When did this world change from right and wrong? When did it become right to go after people who just believed differently then you? When did the the world decide to attack people who want something better then then nonsense we have to deal with? And when did it become ok for this government to attack its own people?

Update #33. 6/17/22. 4:23pm
June 17, 2022
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Well here we go again.......

This time I'm getting a double whammy.. not only is this weekend Father's Day,  but it's also Jose and my 17th Wedding Anniversary...

My heart is aching and I have to work this weekend.. when all I want to do is cry. I feel like everything is crashing in around me... and all I want is Jose home. 

Update #32 6/6/22 8:24 pm
June 7, 2022
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Another birthday without the love of my life...  it's sad, I should be use to the distance, and not having Jose here by now, but my heart still aches... I still cry at night knowing I'm without him.  

My oldest and I are going to work for fathers day, just to keep our minds off the day... At least I hope it will keep my mind off Jose... the longer he's gone the harder it gets... the boys miss him so much.. my youngest night terrors have gotten bad and he has gotten to the point where he calls out for me at night..

I need my Jose home... please pray he comes home soon...

Update #31 5/25/22 12:40pm
May 25, 2022
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I've met some amazing people this past weekend. The boys and I went to a church that we were invited to and it was incredible.  Pastor Duncan's message was touching, and his congregation was so welcoming.  

I have found out recently that I may have a autoimmune disease and I am being sent to a specialist to specify which one and how to manage it...  I am nervous and a tad scared as this is yet another thing on my already full plate. 

My boys have passed their grades, and are moving on to the next!! It seems just like yesterday that Jose and I were taking them to kindergarten... now I'm dealing with high-school and middle school!!

Update #29. 4/19/22. 8:43pm
April 20, 2022
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Easter, it physically hurt to think about doing anything for Easter..... So the boys and I decided to work through it... My oldest and I went to work and my two youngest went to my my mom's and did yard work with her... that she's been begging to have done... and when we got home we had a bonfire and burned all the wood and sticks the kids collected.... it was great. 

It's been over a year since we've seen Jose, he got his first hair cut two weekends ago after not having on in over a year and some months!! And on the 8th the judge said he had 60 days to go through his discovery and then he rather has to take a plea or go to court..... 

I'm not sure how I feel about any of this.... a plea... or going to court.... but I have to believe that even though my faith isn't the strongest somewhere up there God has to be protecting my family.....

Update #29. 4/19/22. 8:43pm
April 20, 2022
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Easter, it physically hurt to think about doing anything for Easter..... So the boys and I decided to work through it... My oldest and I went to work and my two youngest went to my my mom's and did yard work with her... that she's been begging to have done... and when we got home we had a bonfire and burned all the wood and sticks the kids collected.... it was great. 

It's been over a year since we've seen Jose, he got his first hair cut two weekends ago after not having on in over a year and some months!! And on the 8th the judge said he had 60 days to go through his discovery and then he rather has to take a plea or go to court..... 

I'm not sure how I feel about any of this.... a plea... or going to court.... but I have to believe that even though my faith isn't the strongest somewhere up there God has to be protecting my family.....

Update #28. 3/13/22. 7:04pm
March 13, 2022
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Well, trying to get an idea what to do for my youngest boys birthday this month.. One is into farming simulator and space and the other son I have no clue what he would like... It\'s hard planning a party when my boys don\'t have a lot friends... People are still keeping their distance,  and it\'s a shame for my boys...

Update #27. Mar 12, 22. 1:43pm
March 12, 2022
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This month has tested every limit I have... between cars to kids... you name its most likely happened... my car needs breaks bad and the engine light keeps coming on... my youngest is getting involved with the wrong kids at school.... but he only has 3 other boys in his class to hang out with.... Jose calls daily when he can and I miss him and he tries to help from where he is.... but I feel like one big mess....  now add gas prices into this wonderful calamity of my life at the moment..... yes the rambling of a mad women........

Update #26. 3/2/22. 4:11pm
March 2, 2022
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Today has been long as it is...... I\'ve been able to talk to Jose twice today and it\'s been really nice...

So, in other news.... my oldest knee.. he brusied his knee and tenden, but doesn\'t need crutches any longer according to the specialist. He will need a knee brace as needed for support.. but he\'s ok...

Update #25. 2/23/22. 5:35pm
February 23, 2022
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Today has been hard... My heart is breaking even more then usual. Today is the day Jose was arrested one year ago. I can\'t focus on anything and all I want to do is cry now....

My boys are missing their dad a lot today too..  My oldest has already had his melt down, and my middle son is in the quiet phase and my youngest is all in the needing mom mode. 

So, with other news..

My oldest popped his knee out and now we have to go to a specialist for them to look at it. Now he has to use crutches... Unfortunately,  he may be out if track for the rest of the semester...  

Update #24 2/16/22. 7:41pm
February 17, 2022
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Valentines day was hard without Jose... here I am working where all these couples come in and enjoy spending time with each other.... and I have to take pictures of these happy couples as part of the job for just Valentines.... My heart hurts without my other half....

My boys tried to make the day special by spending time with me watching movies and eating junk food!

Jose, was able to call a few times and for the first time in awhile I could hear and understand everything he said!!! I miss him so much... This political prisoner nonsense is really frustrating, I want him home!!!!

Update #23. 2/11/22
February 11, 2022
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All the joys of being an adult..... This morning my car decided it needed a jump..... Got to work feeling horrible.. ended up leaving work early.... to headed home only to have my car decide to throw a electrical fit on me and die..... so now I\'m sitting on the side of the road with a bill of $186 and a 55 min wait on a tow truck..... ahh the joys of adulthood.......

Update #22 2/9/22 6:46pm
February 10, 2022
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December was a BLESSING! I have never been so touched as i was, when packages arrived at my door for my children for Christmas. My boys have never been so happy then when they open their presents from complete strangers. My oldest was enthralled with one set, it was a package of bombing of pearl harbor pictures, and all the sailors from the Arizona. My middle child received a car lego set that hed been wanting for months and my youngest got his hearts desire of NASA cards and clothes that thrilled him to death! Christmas was also hard, as our lawyer asked if Jose could go home for the holidays and once again... we were turned down and 30 days was the response.... Taking down the tree in our home meant more this year, it meant yet another holiday passed that dad wasn\'t able to be here with us.... it meant that our government is punishing us for yet another holiday... my husband got to eat cold crap for Christmas, and be locked down for 22 and 2 for Christmas..... His christmas cards were raided and gone through and some were taken because the COs called them CONTRABAND..... Yep... yay Christmas.....

Update #21. 12/18/21. 10:04pm
December 19, 2021
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Soooo... This week got worse.... I started feeling short of breath and my chest hurt a little... (whither that was from all the panic and stress I'm under or the blood clot I'm not sure) but I called my doctor. She had me come in right away, she then had me go do a CT, see a vascular doctor and they did their own ultrasound... and my doctor did blood work..
The vascular doctor took me off my birth control ( yay, this should be fun...) and put me on  aspirin. She also put me in a compression sleeve which I need to wear regularly till I see her again in two weeks...
My CT of my lungs came back clear, no blood clots!!!  But, it showed a mass on my thyroid, that no one knows what it is... and I need to go in for more tests, ultrasounds and other fun things....
My blood work showed an infection, so... antibiotics here I come...
All the while,  my husband heard most of the conversations and is worried. To be honest, I'm scared too...

Update #20. 12/14/21. 6.02pm
December 14, 2021
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Sooo. Spent the whole day at the doctor's office, getting a ultra sound and then the ER...
I went to the doctor because I have this rash on my that hurts like a bruise,  is red like a rash but hot a infection.. So she tells me it's one of two things.... a Infection or a bloodclot. So, the doctor send me to get a ultrasound on my arm, only to find out its a blood clot! That spands from my wrist to my inner elbow.
So I start to freak out... ðŸĪŠ I  am then sent to the ER where I wait forever to a doctor just to have them tell me I'll be ok, to take this medication and use warm compresses on my arm and if it's not gone in a week.. I start this all again....

Update #19. 12/13/21. 8:27am
December 13, 2021
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My car has broken down, they say it's the differentials and the part is on back order... I had been renting a car and that's soo expensive... I went to a friend and bought a car, and now I'm trying to make the payments but it's hard when your the only one working ... Lord please guide me.. Help my husband to come home soon...

Update #18. 11/27/21. 1:53pm
November 27, 2021
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Thanksgiving, was hard. I never thought that I'd have to spend a holiday without my other half. My family was all there happy and joking, cheerfully telling stories of years past and all I wanted to was cry. You never relize just how much you really miss that person till you no longer have their touch, sound of their voice, their smell of cologne or gentle whisper of I love you over dinner. No, I'm not ok...none of this is ok... I need my husband home. 
Christmas is coming, and I don't know if my heart can handle another holiday without my husband....

Update #17. 11/10/21. 9:00pm
November 11, 2021
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We have retained an amazing lawyer! Hopefully, things will start turning around now that he's on board! Thank you all for standing by Joseph and our family. 
We are hoping for a Christmas miracle! Please keep us in your prayers...

Update #16. 10/2/21. 3:37pm
October 2, 2021
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Spent the night at the hospital with my youngest. He was having a major headache, stomach issues, cough, bodyaches,  throwing up, dizziness and a temp. The doctor's ran all the tests, covid, strep and they did xrays... all came back negative... the doctor's said he has a really bad virus that's going around, to keep him home and hydrated. 
Nothing worry a momma more then a sick child...

Update #15. 9/29/21. 5:48pm
September 29, 2021
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We've fired our DC lawyer... she hasn't shown up for anything. She's not done anything.... Now we're fighting to get him a new lawyer from Michigan, one that is family friendly and will fight for Joseph!  Fight with us! Help us free Joseph and the other political prisoners!

Update #14. 9-8-21. 6:00am
September 8, 2021
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Josephs attorney went on paternity leave, and left a DC lawyer in his place.... now we're waiting to see who she will follow... If she will follow the requests and motions of my husband who's been a political prisoner for all this time or the DOJ who wants them to sit in jail... 
I am still fighting for a new lawyer and it is taking time and money. But he needs this if he's ever to come home.

Update #13. 9/2/21. 9:23pm
September 3, 2021
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Spoke to my husband today, he said that his COs have been giving them all hell over their masks and anything else they can find. He said that being a political prisoner  usually isn't so bad till the COs start in . I sent him some commissary and letters from the boys and I... So he'll enjoy that.
Also I put in for a new job... I'm praying I get it as it would allow me to be to be with my boys more, and better hours.. 
We got our AC fixed, which is another blessing!!
 i thank all of you and God for the many blessing he has bestowed on my family, because without you... I'm not sure what I would have done.

Update #12. 8/26/21 9:53
August 27, 2021
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My husband has been a political prisoner  for 6 months and 3 days as of today. Yesterday he had a hearing and at that hearing the prosecution babbled on about their need for more time for discovery... all while our defense sat there and said nothing... no bond motion.... no motions at... even after my husband asking him over 60days ago to start motions for this hearing!!!! The lawyer said nothing!... Now he claims we must be careful when we place our bond motions as we wouldn't want to anger the judge... "MY HUSBAND IS A POLITICAL PRISONER!"the judge already has it out for him!!!!!!

Update #11. 8/22/21 7:03
August 22, 2021
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Today was super eventful... as the boys and I were bring home a load of things from our storage unit to our new house my transmission blew up! Thank goodness I was just feet from my driveway and my neighbors are kind. Now I have to rent a car and rather buy a new car or fix this one... Lord please guide me....
Also Joseph's lawyers still haven't made any movement on his case... so I'm still looking for a better lawyer. I believe I have found one but hes asking for a large retainer fee... and Joseph has a hearing coming up this Wednesday! Lord please guide me!

Update #10. 8/18/21. 12:26pm
August 18, 2021
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Just finished talking to my husband.. His sprit is down and he needs prayers. He feels betrayed and hopeless. He told me that he doesn't see himself getting out with this lawyer.. and if he continues he will have felonies and will lose everything he holds dear(me and the boys). So hes begging me to find him a new lawyer. I'm at a loss... I don't know where to look nor do I have the kind of money they require to hire one... please pray for my family

Update #9. 8/18/21. 6:26
August 18, 2021
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I spoke with my husband last night, he told me that his lawyer and his co-lawyer aren't doing their job. They've decided not to do as my husband's asked and not file motions that could possibly help him get out. Joseph is so upset, frankly so am i. I am now looking for a new Lawyer and need prayers to find the right one. I may have to put the new house on hold as the money may have to go for a new lawyer instead... 

Update #8. 8/15/21. 8:08pm
August 16, 2021
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I've told my husband about the house and he's so happy that we have a Home! We can move in at the end of the month! My boys are happy too as each will have their own room and well have a yard for them to play in. I still have final paperwork to sign and moving to do but I'm excited and nervous. 


Update #7 8/13/21. 9:00pm
August 14, 2021
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I've found a home!!!! The landlords going to let me do rent to own till the VA loan and the bank loans come in... But, Thank the Lord I found a Home!!!!

Update #6. 8/9/21. 11:41pm
August 10, 2021
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Worked all three jobs today and I'm feel like I'm being pulled in 50 directions.. My boys are so awesome and my mom is amazing at stepping in but I miss them so much when I have to pull these double shifts.  I wish I didn't have to work so much, it bothers me to come home to sleeping boys. I miss so much of them growing up... but I pay the bills.... 
Talked to my husband today! His spirt is high and he has faith that the Lord has something good planned for us.I am struggling so hard not to cry when he calls,, i miss him so much. Its getting harder and harder to keep my chin up with each passing day that my husband is away from me. I just miss him so much, please keep him in your prayers as he has a hearing coming up....


Update #5 8/7/21 8:02pm
August 8, 2021
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Thursday and Friday the AC/heating estimate guys came out, both estimated in the 8-9 thousand range. I gasped at such a price! But, between the heat of this summer and the cold of winter to come we've got to get it fixed.  So I'm asking the Lord for a blessing. 

Update #4 8/5/21 7:10am
August 5, 2021
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What a busy day this will be.. I need to call a AC repair guy. Sometime during the night our AC unit went out and it's going to be hotter and humid then anything right now.  My boys are being troopers, "mom, just pick up some fans till we can afford to fix it" they said. But even my mom can't afford to fix it right now. 
Lord, I'm asking for a blessing, because I dont have it right now.

Update #3. 8/4/21. 10:16pm
August 5, 2021
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Today has been one of those days.. I miss my husband so much. Theres a ache in my heart that brings tears to my eyes. I spent the morning with two of my boys at orientation and getting their school schedules at their different schools... My youngest was taken to his school by my mother.
After a busy morning, work awaited me tonight.. and again kissing my sleeping children. What will tomorrow bring?

Update #2. 8/3/21 11:33am
August 3, 2021
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Trying to shop for school supplies and shoes for the boys! Nothing like seeing their faces light up as they get shoes they like and fit!! Thank you for your Donations I couldn't have done it without your help!

Update #1. 8/2/21. 11:05pm
August 3, 2021
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Just got home from two of three jobs today. I'm exhausted! Time to do job number three and kiss the boys and make sure their sleeping soundly... 


  • Please pray for my boys
  • Prayers for my husband's soon home coming
  • Pray that the Lord guides our new lawyer