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Goal: USD $200,000
Raised: USD $ 1,305
Hello! My name is Joseph Hutchinson, I was at the Capitol Riots on January 6th along with some of my friends. We had gone there to support President Donald Trump at his rally,  and while we were there, the police viciously attacked us with chemical spray, CS gas, and beat us with batons, along with other acts of physical violence. We defended ourselves, and as a result, we have now been arrested by the FBI. We are trying to get money together for our court costs, travel, an investigation, other expenses i may have come up and things are only getting harder now I'm pro se please pray because Lord knows we're gonna need it. If you could help, i would be so appreciative. If you aren’t able to donate, please at least keep us in your prayers, and help us spread the word about what is being done to us and hundreds of other American patriots; we need our voices heard, and they’re trying their best to not allow our story to be heard. The media is very one-sided and trying to paint us out as monsters, when we were solely there to support our President, and that resulted in being forced to protect ourselves.


Update #2
February 7, 2023
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Well now that I am pro se I am waiting on discovery. I also have a status hearing on Feb 14 by then I should receive some of my discovery. Keep me in your prayers and pray that God turns these people hearts. They know what they are doing is wrong. 

Update #1
April 18, 2022
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So far no real progress I've been detained for almost a year without seeing one bit of evidence against me. Also pray for those going to trial so far it appears that they have rigged jury's and trials. That no matter the evidence they will be convicted. 


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