Joseph Hackett and Family

On May 28th, 2021, my husband was arrested in connection with the January 6 Capitol protest. My world has been turned upside down. Joe and I have a small family wellness clinic and I fear I may lose it without his support. He has been incarcerated now for almost two months. His practice is completely devastated. Between the legal fees and the house/office bills my daughter and I are living in fear of losing everything. I am reluctantly creating this campaign because I see no other way out of this travesty. We need HELP! 

Joe is not a domestic terrorist and by no means a danger to our community. He is a hard-working member of society. Everyone who knows Joe is absolutely shocked that this has happened to our family. 

Since that Friday in May, we have had news vans in front of our home and have received hate calls. My daughter and I are traumatized by the whole situation.  

I am asking for your help to keep my family together!  If you cannot donate monetarily, please pray for us! I know in my heart that The Lord will rectify this and Joe will be exonerated.  

Joe is currently being detained in DC and we have no idea when and if he will be coming home. 

Thank you for your help and prayers,
Deena and Isabella. 


Update #7
April 18, 2022
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Wow, I've been staring at this blank screen for thirty minutes. I have been too afraid to engage in any social media since Joe arrived home in August. I cut all ties to the families of the other 1/6er's. Complete silence!  As the judge ordered any indirect contact with members of his indictment would send him back to DC jail.  

Good Friday brought another reminder to me that I am living in a nightmare. At 7:30 am there was a banging on my front door. I opened it to receive a civil suit against Joe from the DC attorney general.  Yes, not only is he facing twenty years for being a seditious conspirator, now he has a civil case to worry about.  He has already lost his business and been incarcerated since May of last year! Enough!!!!! 

Now we have to find an attorney for this as well!

We will be heading to DC in a couple of months for his criminal trial which will last four weeks! I am writing to ask for your continued prayers over my family and all the other families!

Thank you for your continued support!

Joe is home!
August 25, 2021
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Today has been a great day! My husband is home with his family. This is the first day in months we have been together. I'm sitting writing this and listening to him converse with our daughter. It's music to my ears. 

Unfortunately, as happy as we are, we are still living with the fear that he could go back to DC at anytime. They have placed him on house incarceration until his trial date. Which means for him, NO WORK. So, as great as it is to have him home, we are still having to survive with only my income. 

Joe is completely blown away by the support you have been giving us! We thank God for each and every prayer and donation we have received. We still have a long battle ahead of us and appreciate all your prayers. God will overcome! He has given me my husband back even if he cannot work! 

Thank you for everything,
The Hackett Family


Ft. Myers Rally
August 7, 2021
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Angel Harrelson and I spoke at a rally today in Ft. Myers, FL. It was great to see so many people out supporting the political prisoners and their families. 

We read letters from a few of the prisoners, not a dry eye in the crowd. 

Want to give thanks to all the people who put this together! Will keep you all posted on the next one. We really need to get more people out showing their support!

God Bless You All!
The Hackett Family. 

Keeping the Faith! #4
August 1, 2021
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Keep the Faith! Stay Strong! It will all work out!

I hear these statements on an hourly basis! And for the most part I am keeping the faith and staying strong... 

However, some days are harder than others! Joe is having serious back pain again from his ruptured discs. He's had no treatment since his arrest in May. Please continue to pray for his health and release! 

To all who are praying and donating:

Joe and I send our deepest gratitude...Your messages help me get through my days. It's because of you that I am Keeping the Faith and Staying Strong! 

God is watching over us all and the truth will prevail!


Cheers from the 1/6er’s!
July 23, 2021
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God Bless you, Steve Bannon and my friends at the WarRoom!

Joe and all the other guys watched me from their tablets on your show today!  They were all cheering and so uplifted! I haven't heard my husband so happy in months! I can never repay you for everything you are doing for all the families!

Thank you to everyone that has donated! The 1/6er's want you all to know that they are staying strong and keeping their faith in our nation and their Lord Above!

Update #2 Overwhelmed!!!!!
July 20, 2021
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I have no words to express our gratitude for the generous donations we have received today! When I finished work and clicked on our site I was blown away. All of the messages of prayer and encouragement have reminded me of the America I grew up in! Thank you to each and every one of you for renewing our spirit's! Thank you, Alicia Powe and The Gateway Pundit  for getting our story out!

Thank you, God Almighty for sheltering Joe while he is away from us! 

Update #1
July 16, 2021
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Hi all!

Wanted to let you know that Joe has been let out of quarantine and put into CTF at the DC jail. Unfortunately, he was first placed into the general population where he was scared for his life, as you can imagine. I found out Monday, July 12th,  via another inmates wife that Joe had been placed with murderers and gang members. Immediately I began to call the jail to get him into protective custody with the other political prisoners. Today, July 15th, is the first day he's been allowed to contact me. He was placed in total lockdown at one point with no contact, no phones, toilet only flushed at certain times. He says it was an all time low and he is extremely happy to be where he is now. 

Needless to say, it has been a very rough week. I want to thank my friends and family who are constantly praying for Joes safety and release from this nightmare. 

One of our dearest friends reminded me this morning that Joe will be Gods light in there for others! 

God Bless!


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