Free Tim Hale

Campaign Created by: The Patriot Freedom Project

The funds from this campaign will be received by Cynthia Hughes.

Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 17,512
If one ever wondered what a clear violation of a man’s 1rst amendment rights looked like, look no further than Timothy Hale. In the 2021 era, you can now be jailed and detained based on words alone. Tim was arrested on January 17, 2021, and placed in the county jail. Tim was then transferred a few days later to a 2nd county jail in his home state before being picked up by the marshals and brought to NY, OK, to WVA then to VA, and finally to DC where he contracted COVID. He has been denied bail twice and now in an egregious decision by the appellate court, denied a 3rd time.

The 1rst amendment is very clear and if it means anything it means this; It means that a state or government has NO business telling a man who sits alone in his own home what books he should read, what words to say, what political party he so chooses to support. In a simplified paragraph, the 1rst amendment means the following: We the people have the right to the freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition the Government.
Tim has not been charged with any violence, he has no criminal record worth noting, and yet this government continues this unlawful detention due to books, words, and thought crimes.

Tim like the many others sitting in the DC deplorable jail has been denied all rights to a speedy trial and any due process. And because of this atrocity, Tim has lost his housing, his job he has been kicked out of the military, and has zero income coming to cover certain expenses.

Tim’s family support and any resources are very small but those surrounding him and supporting him are doing everything possible to keep his name and credit in good standing, but he needs some help. Believe it or not, it is very expensive to sit in jail for a non-violent crime.

My prayer for Tim is that we meet his goal and keep him financially afloat until he can resume his life again.

To those of you who may donate, your kindness, generosity, and open mind is appreciated beyond any expression of words and we thank you in advance for your support.

Warm regards,
Tim’s family and friends.


Update #8
July 15, 2022
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It's been some time since we have updated Tim's supporters. As of today July 15, 2022, Tim remains behind bars marking his time in jail at almost 19 months on nonviolent charges. I know this update will go to some who have donated to this campaign with such hate for Tim. To those of you who have donated in support of Tim please know that there are some who will donate $1 just to be able to send hateful messages, please pray for their black hearts! No matter what you think of January 6 ALL deserve due process and not to have their constitutional rights violated. What has been done to Tim by this government is beyond despicable! In this great country, we do not jail anyone in solitary confinement on nonviolent charges denying them all rights of due process but yet Tim has sat in solitary confinement since January 15, 2021. We went to trial in May and Tim was found guilty on all charges. We sat in the courtroom and watched as DC residents were vetted to sit on the jury describing to the judge that they could not put their bias aside and perform their civic duty. This judge compelled them one by one to do just that despite them advising the judge of their bias. Tim stood no chance of a fair trial, none of these people will face a fair trial. Tim has no criminal history and served his country for almost 12 years before he was thrown out of the military last year. The ARMY conducted a trial without Tim's participation. Tim has eaten bologna every single day for 18 months, hard-boiled eggs for dinner, or if he's lucky 2 pieces of bread and maybe some peanut butter. It is heartbreaking what this DOJ has done to this kid. Tim has had such a hard and difficult life and has been forced to rebuild countless times since a very young age. Tim got sick back in February with a bad ear infection and has never seen a doctor and is now suffering hearing loss, just terrible. When I saw Tim for the first time in more than a year at trial I was horrified by what I saw. The American people should be outraged over the treatment of these people no matter what your feelings are about January 6. Tim has been jailed, demoralized, degraded, and ridiculed for many bad decisions and choices he has made over his life and it is heartbreaking to see that we have people in this country who are happy to see another human hurt and even more alarming to see those people take part in hurting another. Please pray for Tim to heal and to see a sentence of time served at his sentencing. Thank you.  

Happy Birthday Tim.
March 31, 2022
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Another birthday spent in DC GITMO. Happy Birthday, Nephew. You are loved and missed and will be home soon. Tim has been suffering from back-to-back ear infections and has lost some hearing. He has not seen any doctor!  It is outrageous what he has endured for two months now with these infections. The trial starts in 8 more weeks and Tim will be home shortly after that. I am speaking into existence that Tim will be fully EXONERATED! Please continue to pray for Tim's strength and aquital as well as his health. 

Thank you for your support. 

Still denied DUE PROCESS!
March 10, 2022
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My nephew Tim remains behind bars in DC GITMO 14 months later, still living in solitary confinement-like conditions, still being denied many rights as well as simple amenities. Tim has not shaved since January of 2021 and is still being denied basic grooming services, he has quite the beard. A few weeks ago he was sick and was denied medical treatment. His illness got worse and still, he was denied medical care. We had to literally involve our lawyer to get him the medical attention he needed, how sick is that? There is a strong need for prison reform in this country. Anyone sitting in jail on nonviolent crimes like Tim should not be treated this way! Tim has eaten bologna every single day for 14 months now, when he gets home he will be eating a feast of his favorite foods. Please continue to pray for Tim\'s exoneration and homecoming. 

Thank you. 

Update #5 Fighting for Tim
October 19, 2021
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Tim had a trial date scheduled for November 9 but as predicted this government filed a motion to vacate and move the date to 22. The judge on Tim's case has zero backbone! He granted the government's motion and not only did he grant it he moved Tim's trial date all the way to May 23, 2022, truly despicable. This judge tried to blame Tim for the delays, we were all floored. Fortunately for Tim, we have a great lawyer who is fighting hard for Tim. We are blessed to have the support and prayers from so many of you, thank you.

Tim is really remarkable and so terribly mischaracterized. Tim has a heart of gold and would give anyone and I mean ANYONE the shirt of his back! He is standing strong and is fighting for his freedom every day. He is faith-filled and is always looking up. 

Please continue to support and pray for Tim to be able to endure the evil that has been inflicted upon him. 

Thank you. 

"God’s sufficiency is not dependent on me, but on God. So no matter the state of my heart or mind, God stays the
  same and my sadness and depression does not hamper the work of God’s grace in my life"

Update #4
October 4, 2021
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The most important hearing of Tim's case happens this week. This hearing will be a turning point on the trajectory of this case. Tim has been held in pre-trial detention for nearly 9 months and counting. He has no violent charges, no assault charges, and yet we have a government system violating this man's constitutional rights on so many levels. Please pray for Tim's release and that we may see this Judge actually uphold the constitutional rights of Tim as well as the rule of law! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 

Update #3
September 30, 2021
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I'm sorry I have not written any updates in some time, Tims case is all consuming. Tim is still in pre trial detention and its going on 9 months and counting. The judge continually grants continuances to those persecuting this poor kid. However, Tim remains strong and continues to fight for his justice. I hope and I am praying for him to be home with his family soon. It is a true injustice to hold someone in a pre trial setting like this. Thank you to those who are praying so hard for Tim, we appreciate the prayers so much. 

Peace, Love & Light. 

Update 08/10/2021
August 10, 2021
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Thank you to everyone who has supported Tim. He is standing strong! He has been in quarantine for the past 10 days because he went to an in-person court hearing. This is what the DC jail does to you if you leave the pod, even when you have zero sickness or symptoms. We are coming up on 7 months in lockdown, no assault charges, no violent charges, and yet Tim remains in the DC deplorable jail. I can tell you all that Tim's spirit is so strong, this government will not break him!! 

I share all of your messages of love and support with him every time he calls. He thanks you and so do I. 

God Bless ALL of you. 


Tim Updates 7/22/21
July 22, 2021
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Tim has been denied bond 2 times and now the appeal has been denied. Tim is not charged with any violent crimes or assaults. He has been in lock-up since January 15th in pre-trial detention, PRE-TRIAL DETENTION! This treatment is inhumane! And yet despite this injustice, he remains faith-filled and hopeful. Please continue to pray for Tim and for his sustainability as we continue to fight this wrong and unjust treatment. 



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