My name is Shannon Vandyne. I was recently fired from my job due to having to take time off for 2 surgeries(1 in January & 1 in March of 2021). My employer knew before I was hired that surgery was definite. I was told it wouldn't be a problem. My job was in a hotel working the front desk. When it came time for me to return to work(had work release to come back both times) my hour's were cut from 40 hrs/week to 24 hrs /week. The reason I was given for the reduced hour's were " I was unreliable". I continued to work the 24 hrs/week because I thought I would get back up to 40 hrs/week. That did not happen. They hired 2 people and both ended up quiting within a week. Fast forward to the end of June. I was called into a meeting with the HR manager of the company along with the assistant manager of the hotel and was effectively fired from my position. They said they needed someone more reliable. I have never called off, never been late for work and always went above and beyond what my suites were. I did laundry every time I worked so housekeeping wouldn't get behind, I made sure the lobby and back office was clean. There is another employee who has left the front desk during her shift to go to Starbucks, she's always late and has called off multiple times and yet she is still employed to this day. I filed a complaint with the job & labor board for wrongful termination and also filed for unemployment which is being fought as we speak. I have been actively looking for work and have had a few interviews for the same type of job that I worked before being fired, but haven't heard back from any of them. I do not lie about being fired and tell them they can call my previous employer. I've gone through every cent of my savings trying to keep up with bills, food and paying off my hospital bill's. I have shut off notices for all of my utilities and my car payment is behind. I sold everything I could sell to be able to keep a little food in the house, but with 2 teenager's in the house, it didn't last very long. My neighbor was gracious enough to allow me to "use" her wifi so I can keep applying for job's. This is the last thing I wanted to do, ask for help. I'm a very prideful person and doing this is making me feel like a failure. I just don't know what else to do. I don't have any family around and the few friend's I do have don't have the money to help. So, thank you for taking the time to read about my story. God Bless every single one of you.