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Goal: USD $1,000
Raised: USD $ 390
I am running for school committee in Waltham, Massachusetts I want to give power back to the parents. WE are the ones who elect the school committee to represent us to the mayor and the superintendent of schools. Yet, we have 'Action Civics', which is neither civic nor educational , in our middle schools and high schools. Action Civics teaches children to protest without giving them any context about the greatness of America. We have to  look for an alternative such as the Civics Alliance by the National Association of Scholars.

Recently I discovered that the new high school, which will open in 2024, will have 14 more vocational tracks. That's Great! I want more vocational training! But I also think we need to start getting kids to think of it sooner--in grade school. They need to know that they can have a great life as a carpenter, a plumber or electrician without all the expense of college. These types of workers are desperately needed. S

Lastly, our new  high school, ayt $375 million dollars.  will be the most expensive high schools in the country. We spend $20,000 per year per student. It's about the same for other towns in the area, but we don't do nearly as well as Lexington and Weston in the rankings. We're about average but they are higher. Please check out greatschools.org. Moreover, there is a construction company right here in Waltham, CTA., can build schools at a fraction of the cost. We need to invest in students, not schools.  

Thank you,
Renee Arena

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Update #2
December 22, 2021
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Merry Christmas to all and a big thank you to everyone who supported my campaign. Although I did not win, I got 2167 votes in the race for Waltham School Committee. I think I did well for a first timer and I am planning to run again. Next time, we'll win!

Update #1
July 7, 2021
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Hi, I am also on Facebook@Reneeforschoolcommittee!


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