Lusaka West Soccer academy is for kids under 18 in Lusaka, Zambia.  At this point we have three teams based on age. The academy is free and open to all kids who come from this impoverished neighborhood in Lusaka West. We have a group of leaders who are committed to help the next generation to fully achieve their potential by coaching and leading. The kids in the academy are disadvantaged because of poverty, and lack of direction, some of it because of instability in their home life. All around there are temptations to lead a life without purpose leading to school dropouts and generational poverty.  This soccer academy aims to provide leadership, discipline and education to help elevate their quality of life.

To fully participate in the league games there are several requirements 
1. Ten quality soccer balls
2. Fees for league participation
3. Transportations 
4. Food
5. Referee fees
Our stretch goal is to get a new playing field(landscaping or turf) and team equipment(cleats, uniforms, etc)

So far we have used out of pocket money to fund the academy. The team has been successful winning games under difficult circumstances. We believe with an injection of financial support, the academy will be able to go further and achieve more both on and off the field.

We hope that you can join us and support this team. We need your help to support this endeavor and help shape the future of our youth.