I am raising money for my son, Michael Foy a Marine Veteran and a true Patriot whom loves his country and the people with in it. He was arrested in January and held in the Washington DC jail where was in solitary confinement for 23 and 24 hours a day for almost 6 months.  On July 3rd Michael was finaly released from jail and placed on GPS monitoring at home.

Michael went to see the President of the United States speak for the last time in Washington DC  on January 6th like so many others. Michael did not plan on going, but due to insomnia that early morning, he decided to go.    After watching the President speak and touring the monuments, Michael made his way to the Capitol building unaware of the events that were already taking place. When Michael arrived at the west terrace, he observed for some time. People in the crowd were screaming:  "Someone is being crushed! Let them out! Get her up! Get her up please, save her life! Stop! Stop! Stop! She's gonna die! Please stop pepper spray, we're trying! People are being tased! Save her! She's gonna die! She's gonna die!  She's dead! She's dead! I need somebody, she's dead! I need medical!"  The officers continued spraying, pushing and hitting the people in the crowd.
Michael was trained in the Marines to rescue people and was also previously a Certified Nurse Assistant and knows only to run towards people in need, answer cries for help and assist those in distress.  He is a kind and caring soul and has always felt the need to help others that couldn't help themselves. What he witnessed was horrifying as a pile of people layed on the ground bloodied, bruised, injured and dying (Rosanne Boyland), Michael jumped in to help and assist a diar situation for the civilians on the ground, under a pile and around him being injured crying for help. 

Five people that day died (all Trump supporters) and many of the patriots were trying to protect them and save them from further harm but got labeled by the media as monsters.  The media has tried to hide the stories of those that died that day and the event that led up to there deaths. Do not believe what you hear in the news.  Stories are twisted and false. The truth is finaly starting to come out thanks to people like Julie Kelly, Philip Anderson, stophate.com, Gateway Pundit, Pete Santilli, Justice for J6, Attorney Joseph Mcbride and more.  Do your research to find the trueth and do your part to help those caught up in this.

Everyone deserves their day in court.  MICHAEL IS A GOOD PERSON AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HELP SOMEONE IN NEED OR TO SAVE A LIFE. The truth will come out in trial as to what really happened that day. 

Please consider helping and pray every day with us. Semper fi and thank you for your donation. 
God bless.