TODAY IS THE DAY( 501(c)(3) <> (Singapore, New York and Japan) is having the funding campaign for local and global humanitarian support for children "Not children to be forgotten..." as children suicides under Covid-19 pandemic, are continually increasing.

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on children has been very serious as current COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in the world. It is effecting on suicide rates on children increasing because of higher levels of anxiety and depression. 
It is essential to create a positive effect through Art Therapy that reduce stress and anxiety, achieve insight, express, label and verbalize complicated emotions and identify and clarify problems. 

By having Art TherapyTODAY IS THE DAY has been working on the treatment on chilren in Fukushima who were seriously traumatized with Tsunami, Nuclear Plants accident and Earthquake disaster since 2014. We have been providing the group Art Therapy for children who are suffered under the same or similar circumstances.  

It is urge to create and deliver the remote Art Therapy program through the use of online as treatments.  For this realization,  TODAY IS THE DAY decided to start the campaign for fundraising.