Defense for a disciple of Christ

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Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 30,315
On my ARREST WARRANT it says, United States of America v. FELIPE ANTONIO "TONY" MARTINEZ.

I haven't gotten past this page because my heart is broken. I love my country, my United States of America. I love our history, our Founding Fathers and their intent for government. I love our Constitution that followed our Declaration of Independence, because I am a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ, because it is He that has given us unalienable rights, i.e., human rights. In other words I love my country, because I love my God and His Word. 

My family and I have been caught up in the January 6th "insurrection".  The United States of America wants to punish us for being a witness and for helping those in need because of the violence that ocurred.

Before the throne of my God I state that I did not enter the Capital building, I did not cause any damage or vandalize any or part in or outside and around the Capital. Nor was it part of any plans, nor did I hear of any plans or conspiracy to take over the Capital. I did not cause any harm or did violence to any policing authority. I'm absolutely innocent of all charges that are held against me, so help me God.

But I have to prove my innocence in Federal court in DC.

I've never been a criminal. I've been a disciple of Christ since 2005. Clean and sober since 2010. A husband to my wife of 21 years with three children, two girls and a boy of ages 13, 7, and 4 respectively. We've been able to keep a roof over our heads while I work construction and my wife homeschools.

On February 19th, 2021 our doors were kicked in by the FBI in our rental at 0600. I was awakened by a flash grenade outside my bedroom window. My wife, eldest daughter, and I were all handcuffed. Tactically geared, they went through our organized home and unorganized everything we worked hard to put in its proper place. They showed up with tank-like vehicles in my front yard and the street filled with almost 100 agents placing fear in all who witnessed, and pointing rifles at my neighbors. In the end after 3 hours of interrogation they took only my phone and some clothing items from a picture that was taken at the Capital. I was never arrested or charged at that point. 

A month later our landlord demanded we leave his rental because we broke our lease by, "committing crimes on the property including being arrested for hate crimes and use of illegal weaponry", even though all my pistols and rifles are registered. We did our best and went through the process of answering through a lawyer in the time allotted to us. We had printouts from the Sheriff and the Federal court house that I have never been arrested nor was there any charges held against me at that specific point in time. Nevertheless we received from the  Sheriff a 10 day notice to move out.

I've had to traveled to another state to work 7 days a week, 12 hour shifts, 1500 miles from my family to try to survive this.

We need help!

I received a call from one of the FBI agents working my case on June 10th in the morning informing me that there was a warrant for my arrest and that I needed to report to the local Marshal. I dutifully reported to the Marshal and was processed. In chains like an animal, I stood before the Magistrate Judge and he read me the charges that are held against me and he explained them to me. I was released in time to report to work.

Multiple times I have been offered cash assistance but have denied them because I didn't need it at that moment. I requested that prayer for wisdom would be made, because I've never been a criminal, I've never had to defend myself as if I were a criminal.  I continue to need direction and guidance. 

I have, through prayer and wise council, found a lawyer that is educated in the manner the courts are moving on this event. He knows the Magistrate Judge in DC and the lawyers that are in play. But now I need the funds plus more not knowing what lies ahead for my family and I.

Please don't donate if you haven't been called to. Now that I've found myself on the front line of this issue and if you, a fellow patriot, would like to invest in someone who's Biblically and historically educated and will fight until God calls me to, then please invest. 

I'm not perfect but I thank God everyday for this pain and that I would not waste it, so I can learn every lesson there is too learn and that His sanctification would be made perfect in me to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for reading this far. 
May God bless you. 


Update #5 God Is Good!
July 14, 2022
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Hi Everybody

This is Felipe's wife I just wanted to come on here and give an update. My husband is still working as a pipefitter. It would be nice if the pipeline was opened again then maybe there would be more work. My kids have for the most part gotten over the day the FBI came to our home, but they are no longer big fans of fireworks. We are still very big fans of Jesus, and the Constitution that was given to us by our Founding Fathers, who were inspired by God. Our dog did return back to us on his own after 6 days of searching, he is one of the very best dogs I have ever had, he is obedient, friendly, and loves his family.

Thank you for the donations, the scriptures and especially the prayers. My family is strong and healthy today because of the power of prayer. The Lord says to come boldly to the throne of grace! I do not care what you've done in your past, if you've asked Jesus for forgiveness, you are forgiven. Jesus is an unblemished lamb, God's perfect sacrifice for us, therefore He was able to pay it all and in full. Please continue to pray for us, but if you have any prayer request, please let us know.

Your Sister in Christ


Update #4
August 11, 2021
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The Book of Proverbs is Kata for the seeking Christian...

Let them them hear who have an ear.

Update #3
August 9, 2021
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A recent lesson that I'm learning and is becoming more realistic in my mind is the difference between God's vision and my vision for my myself and my family.

I love fact that in the book of Exodus Moses did not exile himself out of Egypt until he was 40, that he was not called into God's service upon the mountain until he was 80, and did His work until God called him home at the ripe old age of 120, when his eyes were still "bright".

When it really comes down to it aren't we who have surrendered ourselves to His will being done, just vessels to be poured out by Him who called us? 

When I think about this, why wouldn't He preserve us? Why wouldn't He care for His vessels that He's set apart to be used when His timing is perfect?

And I consider everything that I've done in my life that I've invested my time into: music, books, martial arts, my Bible, teachings, teachers, my work, family and friends... and I've realized I've made a fundamental mistake; I've always believed that what I've done, learned, and taught was my idea, I've always thought that what I've invested into passionately was because of me and for me. And then at the same time I consider myself a Christian, a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ, a servant of the most High. Ha! What an idiot I've been.

And the thought that's sinking in deeper each day is that it's always been His ideas, His passion, His courage, His love... It's always been Him! It's His vision in my life that has motivated me to be the vessel that is writing you today. And what a relief it's giving me because it completely takes me out of the equation.

I don't have to render the strength, nor the wisdom, nor the opportunity to complete His will in my life. So as I wait on Him I spend time doing what I love (because He gave me that love) in the motivation and passion (because He instilled that motivation and passion) without remorse.

Thanks be to Him who is able to complete that what He has started apart from our idiocracy.

May His complete and total will be made perfect in and through you and yours. 

Update #2
August 3, 2021
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My thoughts go back to when President Trump was elected, I turned to my wife and said to her no matter what dynamic of success the President has, without a spiritual revival in America it would all wash away quickly.

Unless we get back to basics and understand the intent of our Founding Fathers we Americans; that have enjoyed the fruits of their labors, our country that we love and cherish, is doomed.

Every year we celebrate the beginning of summer during the "4th of July". Every year it tic-tocs by and every year we lose little by little the intent of said celebration.

That day is Independence Day. Independence from a man-god and his government, who considered himself above his Creator and attempted to prove it by lording over those whom God placed under him.

On July 4th 1776 our Founding Fathers declared independence from King George's insanity to the dependence of God's Truth,; that we are created in the image of the most powerful, the most knowledgeable, and the most present living God.

That in the six days of creation everything was created by an order from a King, by His Word: the trees, the water, mountains and the stars, the very atoms that make up every physical thing. Everything by an order...except us. No, we were not created by an order from the King because He chose us to be different. He chose to create us by His Hands, the Hands of The King.

He stepped off His throne, muddied up His feet and hands as He from heaven stood on earth and physically formed us! He then muddied His lips as He breathed life into us and kissed us into existence. (I know I'm being imaginative and I don't feel convicted in doing so)

Nevertheless we are not like the other created living beings we are imago dei! because He says so, The King says so.

This was the message to the powers that be in 1776. It was humble, they didn't want to do it, they displayed it amongst their peers to hold themselves accountable to them; the Rulers of other countries but they did it because life came from Creator and no office no matter how high or powerful could redefine or replace that reality.

They declared unalienable rights given to us by our Creator. They my take my life but they can never take my freedom. Meaning, you can take our ability to exorcise those rights by taking our lives but you cannot separate  those rights from us.

They spoke of self evident truth that Paul speaks heavily of in Roman's chapter 1 and 2. Our Founding Fathers spoke of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (owning property) because these were mandates by Nature's God. 

I'm afraid we've lost our Founding Fathers intent and it's been replaced with the trash they teach our children in the public government schools.
Instead of being created in His image we are now an accidental monkey who ate some magic mushrooms and through natural selection, here were are. 

They've taken our value from us and made us animals. They took our reason for existence and replaced it with lustful material gathering. They took our hope for eternity and replaced it with fear. And now we point fingers at each other screaming obey or else like from a scene from the movie, The Body Snatchers and all of the sudden insanity is again at the helm steering us to bondage because we do not understand our Founding Fathers  intent.

There is no other philosophy that exists that allows human rights. Our Father gave them to us and in His Word tells why.

Our Creator will not be mocked! We're cannot continue this way! Our babies must stop being sacrificed and then be turned over to the open market. Our children must not be educated by the insane and expect His blessings. We men must make the sacrifices needed to provide for our wives and children and set an example of what it means to place yourself before others. Our dear elderly must be honored no matter how ornery or stinky. Also Men! take your family to church and if it's not open start one yourself, remember it's self evident! 

We cannot continue this way anymore. Revival must start at home because the Kingdom of God is at hand so we must repent. We must not live in fear because our hope is in Him who defeated death, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May His will be made perfect in you and yours, Amen.

Update #1
July 26, 2021
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These past couple of days with the donations has been staggering. I'm starting to message you back so that you know in the midst of it all that we're grateful. 

But I want you to know something:
Although you've donated this money to my family this is not our money it's still yours. It's just been placed in our trust to fight this present cause that has motivated us all.

When all the legal hurdles on our end are completed, we plan to donate what's left, back to the Patriots that are still embattled.

And as each day goes by and God is working in and through me I'm getting more and more excited to see what's going to happen.

May His will be made perfect in you and through you and yours. 


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