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Free David Now


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Free David Now

>>Jan-6th-2023 UPDATE!!!!! 

David Sentenced to 3+ Years in Federal Prison, he NEVER even went inside The Capitol!! ( NEVER SHOWED ALL VIDEO EVIDENCE)

on Jan-6-2023, the anniversary of "the worst thing since Pearl Harbor and 9-11" ...We put every dollar we had saved and raised to fly our family and Witnesses needed for Judge to hear back to Washington DC for David to be Sentenced. 

Even though he has been on house arrest for the last 2 years with a flawless record, working 3 jobs and starting his own American Jerky Company, and leading his young church group, while still making time to help take care of his parents about to retire... 

... we showed up to the Largest Courtroom in America, designed to hear the most important and violent cases, yet our son who has ZERO RECORD is on his 5th visit back, but this time with a surprise-appearance from the prosecutors armed with HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF TERRORISM  at her side, trying to "last second" change my sons plea agreement and convince the judge to triple his sentence and ADD ON ADDITIONAL TERRORISM ENHANCEMENTS!!! 

We sat in tears watching this attack on our son, and after 3 years of being a political prisoner and his life ruined, they finally gave him his one chance to speak for himself and we are so proud that he remained faithful and civil with honor as he told the judge .. 

"I thank and trust in the LORD, I Love my country, (turned around to face the head of the capitol police) and I am sorry to any Police officers that was hurt that day, and i am sorry to my family for having to go threw this because of me"

David Will be in prison for over 3 years and was heavily punished on top of that. INCLUDING HAVING TO PAY BACK THE ONLOINE DONATIONS THAT his mother RAISED WHILE HE WAS IN JAIL AND DIDNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT!! 

we are starting this new Campaign for support  durring this next horrible chapter, but are trusting God and JESUS and all of our Proud American Patriot Families that have been and will continue to help David and our family! 

Please help our family and all the other families of these political prisoners. your donations and letters have truluy been the difference in us giving up on everything.

And never forget They Murdered Ashli Babbitt, and Rosanne Boyland. Look it up

and give to their families as well. 

God Bless you, 

God Bless your Families,

and God Bless America


How do you feel about what you've been told happened at the Capitol on January 6?

I'm sure you know thousands of Americans who never even walked inside the Capitol have been arrested.


Did you know hundreds of people who were just standing outside are facing over 60 years in prison?

...well, I'm sure you already knew that.

Did you know that if you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you that is paid by the same department that pays the prosecutors trying to put you in prison?

...of course you did - everyone knows that.

Did you know it costs $120,000 for a federal lawyer to just listen to your case? 

...we sure didn't.

Our family is finding all this out after our son, David, who has zero criminal record, was ripped from our home and tossed from prison to prison. After he faced blatant discrimination and mistreatment, such as not being allowed a Bible, missing meals, and not even being given underwear, we are in DESPERATE need of your help to pay for an attorney who will fight for our son, because there is no such thing as an unbiased appointed attorney when they are paid by the same government putting people in prison.  Also, the funds will help with all the money we had to pay with phone calls, commissary, airline ticket so he could attend his grandmothers funeral, and many more expenses due to lack of work dealing with all this.

Let's back up...

At 6:00 a.m. on Friday, March 26, 2021, our home was "visited" by several SWAT team and FBI agents with riot shields and assault rifles drawn on our family. They even yelled about tazing our three month old puppy. No warrants were served, and David was not read his rights. That didn't stop them from taking my son as well as our cell phones and laptops and videotaping every inch of our home and private belongings. We were never told why any of this was happening, until we were contacted by our neighbors and family members only 3 hours later who saw on the news, social media, and even billboards on the highway with our family photos, that David was in the crowd outside the Capitol. It is sad that fake news is in bed with our Department of Justice who is tasked with ruining people's lives and their relationships with their family, work, and church. All to prove a political point.

This was the last time I heard from my son for months as he was tossed from prison to prison. What followed was several months of this traumatic event repeating in our heads over and over with us constantly looking out the windows when we hear a noise thinking they are back to get us. The feeling of not being safe within our own home and waking up in the middle of the night has caused not just our family, but thousands of God-fearing Patriots irreparable damage. For months, David was placed in solitary confinement and grossly mistreated like hundreds of other America-loving patriots at the Capitol who are still in prison to this day. David, like so many others, was locked away without many answers: what's happening, who is the lawyer, how is this affecting his family?

After many phone calls begging and pleading, we finally found our son after being moved between 9 states, 3 prisons, 2 local jails, and 5 facilities, during which he was "lost" in the system. He was not able to have a Bible after many requests, wasn't given basic clothing items like underwear, wasn't able to make phone calls, and faced discriminatory treatment. He was not able to meet with his appointed attorney until 2 days before arraignment. He was only able to speak with her for 38 minutes the day of the arraignment hearing. One legal adviser told us that they were down to stems and seeds, and the more serious crimes from that date were now being investigated. David never entered the Capitol building on that day and was only on capitol grounds in the tunnel. The number of charges against him has gone from 2 to 16, and he is facing a maximum sentence of 70 to 80 years. There are so many ongoing cases of this nature, and there are not enough court-appointed defense attorneys. 

All this time, I have been furloughed from my company I've worked for over 30 years due to COVID-19. My husband is out of work for an undetermined time due to shoulder surgery. Over the last year during COVID, David took care of his 90 year old grandma. Unfortunately, those who were at the Capitol were denied bond and forced to stay in prison. While David was in prison, after immediately being denied bond and being persecuted by both the justice system and the public, his grandma passed away. I can't help but think that her death may be partly due to the current situation involving David. Thank you for reading our story. All I ask is if you can find the time to make a small donation to David's fund. The legal fees are astronomical. Help us free a true American Patriot, David Judd. God Bless!

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Beverly Asleson
$ 25.00 USD
1 month ago

Hello Fellow Californians here’s a little something to help your wife visit you. Keep the Faith and stay strong We support you. I watch the Freedom Corner every night since it started. Love you

$ 100.00 USD
2 months ago

Happy belated birthday David

$ 20.00 USD
3 months ago

May God bless you! Love and prayers! Happy Birthday!

Chuck and Barbara
$ 50.00 USD
4 months ago

Continuing to fight for righteousness in America, remembering. . . This world is not our home; we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven. Hebrews 13:14

Cindy Young
$ 200.00 USD
5 months ago

bracelets! THANK YOU :)

Anonymous Giver
$ 50.00 USD
5 months ago

Thank you for hanging in there for all of us out here. May God bless you!!

Cindy Young
$ 35.00 USD
6 months ago

Stand Strong Patriot!

Anonymous Giver
$ 400.00 USD
6 months ago

Hoping newly released evidence could help an appeal to this gross unfairness. It's hard to read about the outright cruelty in your case.So many are making an effort to fight against these vicious charges.You are Not forgotten in spite of the seeming lack of effective pushback. J6'ers are kept in the news by many supporters reminding the public of their abusive , totally unfair treatment in D.D.

Anonymous Giver
$ 100.00 USD
6 months ago

Thank you for your love to this nation. May God's protection and blessings be with you.

Anonymous Giver
$ 43.00 USD
6 months ago

Heidi Knechtle
$ 55.00 USD
7 months ago

Joining in the support for you. Praying daily for your release along with all the others.

$ 100.00 USD
7 months ago

$ 25.00 USD
8 months ago

Praying for everyone wrongly incarcerated.

Charlie Beery
$ 100.00 USD
8 months ago

Free all the innocent J6 citizens being politically persecuted by the Biden administration and a corrupt DOJ!

Roscoe Hill Jr
$ 25.00 USD
9 months ago

Keeping you and family in prayer.

Marsha Fitzgerald
$ 25.00 USD
9 months ago

Praying for your and your family always.

Wendy aka nurse Wendy
$ 100.00 USD
9 months ago

God Bless and keep you strong.

$ 100.00 USD
10 months ago

Kelly Borgogelli
$ 25.00 USD
10 months ago

GOD BLESS 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

$ 18.00 USD
11 months ago

God Bless and Archangel Michael keep the protection around dear David and keep the spirit of the victory of Jesus Christ close to his heart.



March 15th, 2023

Our Family would like to first and foremost thank all of the Donations and Prayer letters mailed from our America First Patriots and Families!

It is YOUR  support that keeps us going, however it is ALSO what the Corrupt JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is using to continue punishing Our family!! they now want us to pay back ALL of the money raised for David's legal fees and the thousands of dollars it costs to pay for 5 court appearances, travel there and back, his ankle monthly ankle monitor and pronation cost, etc.

How Disgusting of our Federal Judges to  keep our American citizens in jail, without bond, detained for oamost 3 years without a way to prepair a legal defense. 

We are devastated and crushed now that David served a home confinement for 2 years on probation and never had a singe violation, worked 3 jobs, lead a church group, 


while BLM rioters had the mainstream media and even the Vice President "Heels up, and on her knees" Kamala Harris" ON national TV urging people to go onto online fund raisers  of the "mostly Peaceful" criminals that burned our cities and led to billions of dollars in damage and theft, multiple police officers murdered, and more black lives lost, they were allowed to raise money for the families and fees, 

But our family who supports God and our Country has to pay back all the donations??!!

Update #2

September 14th, 2021

Update #1

September 14th, 2021

I would like to thank everyone for your generous donations and prayers.  Your generosity has helped in so many ways with payments for Securus, commissary for David, an airline ticket for him to attend his Grandmothers funeral, and everyday bills with him being gone so long.  Also, prayers and words of encouragement are what gets him through the day.  

David has been released on house arrest, and that alone is very expensive, but so grateful that he can be at home with family.  He wears an ankle monitor (which is expensive as well) at his cost.  

Please keep David in your prayers during these uncertain times..


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