My name is Joseph D. McBride, Esq., and I represent Victoria White, a wrongfully prosecuted political protestor who was brutally beaten by uniformed police at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.


Victoria White grew up in Rochester, Minnesota.  She is a mother to four beautiful and amazing mixed daughters who are half Black and half White. Victoria’s daughters are her pride and joy.  She is a full-time mom and educator who home schools all her children.


Victoria speaks openly about the fact that she is a domestic violence survivor.  Specifically, that she was in an abusive relationship for ten years, where she endured beatings and psychological abuse on a regular basis.  


She had been suffering badly up until 2016.  Years of living with untreated psychological and physical conditions related to enduring repetitive head trauma, had taken their toll on her.


She hit a turning point in 2016.  A combination of medicine and psychotherapy.  In conjunction with a newfound personal relationship with Jesus Christ, had brought tremendous healing. 


Victoria progressed from 2016-2020.  She slowly worked though her issues and began to believe in herself again.  True healing appeared to be on the horizon heading into the 2020 holiday season.


Victoria was triggered by the November 2020 presidential election results.  She felt, deep in her gut and in her heart that President Donald J. Trump had wrongfully lost the election.  


Therefore, she felt compelled to go when she heard that people were going to protest the election results on January 6th in Washington, D.C.


Her decision to go was less of a choice and more of a civic duty, as she truly felt the election was stolen.   


Victoria hoped that her voice shouting from a crowd of many, would somehow convince members of Congress not to certify the election results.


When the time came to travel to D.C, she left without reservation, intending only to have her voice heard, side-by-side with her fellow countrymen.  


Nothing could have prepared her for the beating she took later that day.


Years of healing and progress were literally beaten out of her… scars and trauma related to past abuse were torn open again.  


A multitude of preexisting repetitive trauma injuries aggravated to the point where she can never fully recover.


All because she wanted to have her voice heard…


All because she wore a red MAGA hat…



Donate to her legal fund to help her fight back against her unjust prosecution by the Department of Justice.


May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May He make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord turn his face toward you.

And may He give you peace.