Donna is 70 years old who is unable to get in and out of a standard bathtub. Several years ago she under went back surgery and is now on a walker unable to walk without it. Yes her back surgeon messed up her back making everyday tasks harder or nearly impossible for her. On top of that she has had both of her knees replaces and a hip replacement along with a severe stroke and several small strokes. Most days she sits in front of her TV with her 5 dogs and her husband who himself is 72 and is a fall risk. He does his best to care for her but since they are both on Social Security and he receives a Veterans check they are unable to buy her the walk in tub she needs. Donna is an only child and both of her parents are dead. Her husband is a United States Combat Marine who served in Vietnam in 1969 - 1970 and is suffering from PTSD himself. Her husband also has an online ministry on Facebook (when he is not in Facebook Jail) (, MeWe ( and Gab (

Donna really appreciates your help to get her a walk in tub.

Thank you