Jonathan Mellis is being held in the DC jail due to the event at the Capitol on January 6th. He is a patriot and has been involved in the community for several years on many levels.(Lebanon, TN Senior Citizens Center, Special Olympics Nashville, Ronald MacDonald House, and The Chive in Nashville and Clarksville, etc) He loves people and truly respects law enforcement. 

​​​​​He loves people and truly respects law enforcement. Jonathan attended the rally on January 6 to protest peacefully and to show his support for President Trump. While he was there in the crowd he heard screams for help and saw people being trampled by the police. He saw the lifeless body of Roseanne Boyland being kicked by the police and hit with their batons. He jumped into action to help. Now he is facing over 40 years in prison. Roseanne died that day. The cops killed her. The police were beating everyone who was trying to help her. Even as a Trump supporter gave her CPR the police continued to beat people needlessly. Jonathan needs a new lawyer who will fight to make the relevant bodycam videos public.  Any donations will be used for a new lawyer. His current lawyer has to go. He needs a lawyer who is trustworthy, responsive, and motivated. The remainder will go towards his general expenses. Thank you and God bless you. 

I'd like everyone to know that your contributions are being used wisely. I set the target at over $100k and let me explain why. First, a Federal Attorney can easily cost more than $50k, not including court costs and fines. Then, I would like to know that Jonathan will have enough put aside to pay his monthly bills and take care of his financial obligations so his life doesn't completely fall apart while he is in prison, possibly for a very long time. It would also be nice to know he could afford commissary and phone calls while he is incarcerated and be able to hit the ground running upon his release. Anything you decide to donate and any time you share this link ( http://www.justiceforj6jonny.com ) is a blessing. Thank you for letting Jonathan know he is not forgotten.


September 25, 2021
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Wow! The outpouring of love and support by all of you great American Patriots is so heart warming and gives me amazing strength. Thank you for believing in us. We are good men in here. We love our beautiful country and we love you, our good neighbors. Thank you for standing by us in our time of need. And thank you so much for helping me with my situation. I so deeply appreciate it. God bless you all.

August 8, 2021
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Jonathan's father passed away on May 17, 2021. Major Gennaro Mellis was a decorated Vietnam War veteran. Born on 10/5/40. He was a great man, an amazing father, and a devoted husband till his dying breathe. Nearly mortally wounded in war (shot several times), he was not only a war hero, but a personal hero to so many, including myself and Jonathan. The prayers and thoughts by so many around this great country and abroad are very much appreciated and not overlooked. Thank you to all for your condolences. Your love is cherished.


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