God Riches blessings to you my Brothers and Sisters, I pray all is in good health and staying safe in the Harms of our soon coming King, I thank you for taking the time out to read this my story, I am a Jamaican by birth, now a US citizens thank God,I am also a father of six kids which i file for them in 2015  of which three got through and come up to me whiles all was well with me, I am was recommendedto you by a friend to come and ask you for your help please thank you. But first a little about me. Please read and I thank you for doing so. In 2012 a car Engine fall on my left hand ? and damaged to my hand  wrist  forearm and my elbow, i was not okay in the Us at the time so i was not treated well I was fired  from the job after I got injured, I was working under the table, So later in 2015 my health center have me to get a MRI done of the hand wrist forearm and elbow only to find out  that the forearm and the elbow have two tears  in it, and also have ulnar nerves damage, So now i am living with all that pains the doctor say i may have to do a elbow replacement but am not sure of that. because i cant afford to find the money to do that also sad ☹.to make thing worst now I am having some medical problems of which is not good I have seeing so many doctors through the health center but they cant find out what is casing the problems a very bad coughing locking up of the chest weezing short of breath and bad chest pain, They try so many different medications but none of them is working,whiles on the medications i have a attack of a bad chest pain and couldn't breath properly, so I call 911 they came but wass ofto ruch the the emergency on Monday,they run a lots of test, and  now they are reffering me to see a specialist but i am not able to, I need a little financial help, so i am here asking you my church families to please assist me please, My three older children is still living in Jamaica and if i have them here i know they would be able to help me out in such a time as this. I am hear today to ask you my fellow  Christian  Sisters  and Brothers in Jesus Christ our soon coming king. In 2015 i files ? for my six kids  and in 2017 three get through to come to the US my Pastor help me then,to bring up those three in 2017 thank God, in 2021 my two eldest kids get call and one i got to refiled for him so my daughter my grandson he is 7 and my big son immigration approve their paperwork for them to come to me but i am having a very big problem I am not able to come with the money to pay for the rest of fees and medicals that I must pay for them, and I am not able to work because i am having health problems  and my left hand wrist forearm and elbow kinda mest up very very bad. So my brotherss and sisters please i am asking you kindly in anyway you can help please i am asking you to help me please, I only meet my grandson via whats app video calling I would love to hug him and kiss him and love him that i have been hoping for, for 7 years now and now i get the chance to do so but i am anable to do so my Pastor is retired and he was my blessing in getting three out of the six 6. I am ASKING YOU ALL PLEASE AS GOD LEAD IT ON YOUR HEARTS TO ASSIS PLEASE I AM ASKING YOU HELP ME I NEED MY KID TO COME OUT FROM POVERTY TO THE GREATEST COUNTRY TO BETTER THEIR FUTURE,,,I thank you All so very moch for your help and your understanding and LOVE you shares. Thank you Glendon Patterson ONE LOVE GOD BLESS YOU ALL,  MAY THE GRACE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH BE WITH YOU ALL AMEN