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Goal : $150,000

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George Tanios was arrested on Sunday, March 14th in connection with the January 6th incidents at The Capitol.

George's home that he shares with his fiance, 4 year old son, and infant twin sons, was raided by FBI after a "tipster" identified him from video and photo clips posted on the Bureau website. 

The FBI and media are using small fragments of videos of Tanios and his co-defendent, Julian Khater, without full context to provide a storyline that matches their interpretations. Despite what the media is trying to use from the character that George plays on his business social media accounts, George is a family man, a man from a family of faith, and strongly supports the things that he believes in.  His support of President Trump has brought many controversies to his business before, resulting in harassment and vandalism, but George's support in President Trump and his faith, remained unshakable.  While his support and his right to peacefully demonstrate took him to DC on January 6th, the tragic events that transpired were NOT what George would have intended.

He is facing major charges due to the role that the FBI is interpreting him to have.  HIS BOND WAS DENIED by the judge presiding over his bond hearing.  HE HAS ZERO CRIMINAL HISTORY OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE. The government's case appears to be troublesome. They are wrongfully convicting him of these charges. George is not the person he is being portrayed to be. It feels as if this case, and his detainment are targeted and very politically charged. 

The media has already destroyed and prosecuted him. His family has been left without the option to run their business, and has no means to provide for the financial needs of their 3 small children under the age of 4. The funds raised from this campaign will be used for the finanicial support of Amanda, George's fiance, and their three small children.


Update #6
October 14, 2021
facebook twitter

Hi All!

Just wanted to post an update that I am still at home!  We had a brief status hearing a week ago and another set up 45 days later to November 18th.  No trial date set but it is looking like fall of 2022  or even in 2023.  So here I wait unable to work or leave the house.  Being at home with the family is a true blessing though.  I am the only January 6 defendant to get out of DC Jail the past two months.  Please continue to pray for those stuck in pre-trial detention. You are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty but not in our cases. 

Facebook has banned all sharing of any Give Send Go accounts for January 6 defendants.   Suspending any account that does share a link for 45 days.

Julie Kelly with American Greatness did an article last week and I wanted to share.

That is about it for now.  Thank you all again for your prayers and support.  
May God bless you and your families through these times.

- George T.

P.S.  Let's Go Brandon!

Update #5 Labor Day
September 6, 2021
facebook twitter

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all well and hope you had a nice summer and labor day weekend.   I am enjoying my time at home with family and select friends that can visit.  It is bitter sweet knowing that many people are still languishing in prison and many others are being hunted down still.  I pray the truth comes out and for their protection.

Just wanted to update everyone that I am going to appeal to the judge for work release and we should hear a response in a month or so.  My attorneys are hopeful but told me to not hold my breath.  Since the judge that is handling my case has been appealed by 3 other judges, he can really limit my abilities to work or do anything until trial date unchecked really.  I am hopefull and asking for your continued prayers please.  I miss working, serving my customers and providing for my family.  

Please keep the others in your prayers as well.  If you did not know, everyone in the D.C. Jail sings the national anthem nightly at 9pm.  Please join us from home.
Thank you again and God Save America.

God Bless,

Update #4 - George Comes Home
August 26, 2021
facebook twitter

Hello everybody!

God is Good! George Tanios writing here. I was finally released on bond as of Friday 8/20/21, a day before my 40th birthday. The greatest birthday gifts ever is being home with Amanda, our 3 sons, and knowing many fellow Americans have my back. 

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated and prayed for my family and the others caught up in this situation.  Your support is felt and has really helped us through this.  Words can not express what it is like when you know God Fearing American Patriots are praying and donating hard earned money to help you out in a time of struggle. Real Tears.

While I was incarcerated for the 5+ months, I prayed that God would keep me focused on the challenge ahead for my family and I.  Everyday God would send me a sign that would push me forward and grow my faith even stronger.  My day in court will come and I am confident in the facts, once presented clearly, will set the record straight.  

I wanted to share with you a paragraph from my appeal document that says a lot about how my case was treated which kept me in jail against my civil rights:

“ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the district court’s May 12, 2021 order be reversed and the case remanded for the district court to order appellant’s pretrial release subject to appropriate conditions, including home detention and electronic monitoring. On this record, we conclude that the district court clearly erred in determining that no condition or combination of conditions of release would reasonably assure the safety of the community.”

(please see full article here:

I was released on home incarceration and I am stuck at home until further notice.  That means that I can not take a step outside without risking going back to jail. Not being able to work is going to leave us in a tough financial situation in the near future.  After nearly 16 years of operating in Morgantown W.V. it breaks my heart to lose everything I have worked extremely hard for. Not being able to provide for my family hurts even worse.

I am not exactly sure what the future holds for me but no one ever knows.  The most important thing is to let our faith in God lead the way.  Thank you to everyone again for the prayers and donations that have been sent and are still coming.  May God Bless everyone and your families and God save America. 

Stay strong,

George Tanios 

Update #3
August 15, 2021
facebook twitter

George has been in jail for 5 months now... this past Monday an appeals court overturned the district court’s ruling that George be detained without bond, noting that the D.C. district court “clearly erred” in its assessment that he posed a danger to the community. Please keep George in your prayers! He wants nothing more than to be home with his family pending trial. Your continued prayers and support mean everything to us. God bless you all!

Update #2
June 4, 2021
facebook twitter

Just wanted to give everyone an update...

George was denied bond for the second time on May 11th. He is still in DC Jail, my kids are still without their father, and our business is still closed. George's lawyers have appealed this decision and plan to agrue for his release to the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. We are patiently waiting for the next step. I will update again when I know more. 

I also want to thank everyone that has recently donated and sent prayers. I have no idea where we would be without all of your love and support. We will continue to fight for George and prove his innocence. Please keep our family in your prayers. 


Update #1
April 9, 2021
facebook twitter

I just want to thank everyone that has reached out, called, messaged, and made a donation on or outside of this fundraiser. We are overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have received. I can’t thank you all enough. Please keep George in your prayers. God willing, he will be home with us soon. 


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