Mark Sahady and Sue Ianni are patriotic Americans who are facing a legal battle due to peacefully attending the rally in Washington, DC on January 6th.  Mark is an Army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan.  Sue is a mother of three and local conservative activist.  They are both founding members of Super Happy Fun America, a right of center civil rights organization focusing on defending the Constitution, opposing gender madness and defeating cultural Marxism.

Both were arrested by the FBI on January 19th and charged with misdemeanors even though they were peacefully protesting to demand integrity in the Presidential election.  Due to their history of conservative activism they have been defamed by the media and harassed by local far-left agitators.  As a result of what appears to be a political prosecution they are now burdened with large legal expenses.  Please help them with these costs if you are able to do so.  They would also greatly appreciate your prayers.  All donations will be applied to legal fees.  They are grateful for any assistance you can provide.