Hello, I am an attorney in Texas who represents a national organization and they need American support.If I even mention their name certain social media companies will deny them access-- this is the same group associated with the article in the Gateway Pundit who posted this link. 

We are fighting against unjust arrest, malicious prosecution, defamation, and deplatforming of patriotic miltary and LEO veterans and Trump supporters in the org who's name cannot be mentioned without being automatically censored by big tech.   Radical leftists have pressured big tech and financial compainies to deplatform these courageous veterans for daring to oppose the radical left agenda, and for daring to protect Trump supporters from violent Antifa in the street.  Most recently,  they have even lost their ability to take online credit card payments because they refused to disavow or condemn members who were arrested after the Jan 6 protest in DC (taking the stand that ALL accused are innocent until proven guilty).  

These quiet professionals have a long, impressive history of defending Trump supporters and other patriots at hundreds of free speech events, Trump rallies, and, most recently, the massive Stop the Steal rallies in DC (Nov, Dec, and Jan) as well as in Atlanta, GA, to protest the theft of the elecrtion.   

They have also protected both businesses and homes from deadly arson attacks, from the rooftops of Ferguson, MO to the streets of Louisville, KY, and they have taken part in a dozen hurricane relief missions, where they do direct search and rescue, emergency medical, food and water delivery to victims, and security for other relief workers and medical personnel, as well as deterring looters as they guard neighborhoods and entire towns.  

All of these efforts give our veterans a much needed POSITIVE mission, right here at home.  It is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience for them to work hard to protect, save, and assist people, whether it is a grateful Mom, business owner, or police officer.  

Despite all the good that they have done, they have been defamed and maligned by the anti-American, anti-Christian radical left from the day of their founding, on April 19, 2009 in Lexington Green, MA.  That defamation and demonization has now morphed into a malicious prosecution campaign against them by the communists and Deep State elements now controlling the federal government.  

Please donate to help the org, the org has legal bills and expenses and because of them being demonitized they are struggling to survive. 

By doing so, you are helping to save our Republic.   

It is CRITICAL that all who love this nation and our freedom step up and support those who are on the front lines, standiong up to the communistts in the streets and in the courts.   They are willing to take the heat.  They just need your support.  

Thank you, and God bless! Kellye S.