Christine Ann "Cooky"  aka Girl Scout Call sign...has been battling cancer since 2015 and went out on disability in 2016.  She was misdiagnosed for almost four years by the Veterans Health Administration in La Jolla, California in San Diego County.  She got the real diagnosis of stage four cancer in September 2018.  Check out the story here that was published and made the front page of USA Today in November 2021.’t-letting-it/8561618002/

Not having the coverage and the need to pay for care without insurance caused substantial hardship.  She hasn't been able to work due to all of the medical treatments and effects and she has been on disability since 2016 when she was being misdiagnosed.     Things were stable for a couple of years, unfortunately this past December 2021 her scan showed new now looking into additional  support treatments not covered by insurances and not covered by the Veterans Health Administration in tandem with standard of care conventional treatments ...the latest hot topics involve the world of metabolics and these integrative modalities via herbs, supplements, vitamin infusions, high dose vitamin C infusions to help with chemotherapy side effects, label conventional medications through care , The Block Center in Chicago, Illinois, etc...certain pieces of the care are not covered by insurance or the VA.  She has been on daily and monthly treatment since October 2018 utilizing these targeted chemotherapies however having harsh side effects that are combatted with integrative modalities which cost additional money to support that she no longer has.  

 She finds herself broke and not able to continue covering the costs of supplements and other integrative support modalities that enabled her to stay on treatment plus not having the benefits that the VA are suppose to cover which she lost in 2021.  

Every dollar counts...thanks for your prayers and support in her fight for life...thanks for joining Team Northern Lights..and being a part of her daily miracles...