I'm in need of $251,000 right away. I became a christian in 2007, 2008 I was robbed at the Gun point and beaten half way to death. In bible study the very first year I learned Matthew 11:28 yet bud didnt know what the verse was all about. At the moment before they approched my car, I prayed and said Lord at this point I'm at your will. They opened my car door and put a loaded 45 on my head, I remembered the peace I had at the moment. I have all that they wanted, and one guy went to shoot me, but I said you already have all the you ask for, your buddy had my bag and it's got insulin can I have that. That guy comes to my door and pushed the guy who had him over my head but he took his fist and beat the day lights out of me. Lord spared my life and I wasn't killed but was hospitalized at Medical City Of Dallas. we might On December 2008 8:43pm I heard an audible voice, i never use to believes in these kinds of things (but I did and voice said "He was Present" and that day I stayed wuiet wondering what that was and was reminded about my prayer I had before the Gun men approached me in my car and my faith rocketed that evening. 
Before releasing me they had me approach the plastic surgeon who stated my entire face was boached up and needed 3 to 4 metal plates to be implanted. I smiles and I said I'm trusting God. Close to the month, 4 day before and day before the surgery when I went to sign all the final papers- Dr Tom Draper at Baylor in dallas, ended up canceling the surgery and said it was a miracle. 
Lord used this scenario, and brought my entire family- Mom 72 yrs old Sep 18 2009 who had Lou Gehrig's gave her life and accepted Jesus as her savior, month later in OCT 2009 my Dad saw this miracle at Rockwall Hospital and Lord worked through his heart where he accepted Jesus as his savior (later Lord and savior), 2012 My brother in law and my sister day a part form each other repented and made Lord of their lives and accepted Jesus as their savior. So me 2007- to 2012 my entire family was saved and 3 of them passed on to be with the Lord. My Mom, Dad and my sister by 2015.
Lord took this story and gifted me with Evengelism and sent me to Romania, Paris my first mission trip 07/2013. Miami Florida, cruise ships, NY, India, Mexico and Las Vegas. his story was in someone's ears daily. From work which I was employed for 13.5 yrs and was abused by my boss because he knew I wa sharing Christ. Things were very touch but I called out to the Lord and I had a relationship with Him (Romans 8:28) and Pslam 119. 
Recently I've had 6 surgeries- between 2019-2020 with year and 1/2 time. 
I am a type diabetic patient, have severe sleep apnea in CPAP and I'm 47 yrs old and never married. I had 3 deviated septum surgery due to breathing difficulty, first two were messed up but thied surgery last Oct 2020 was a success by Doctor Stephen Cochran in Dallas only doctor willing to take a risk to help me. I had Hernia and gastric sleeve done in July 2020...Left and right trigger finger in April's and July 2019. 
loss of job in July 2019, found another one but by Oct 2019 was laid off and then surgeries took places. I remember telling my boss, that God's got me- He will take care of it and I'll walk by Faith. Unfortunately your looking at the guy who had excellent credit, did out some stuff on it, mission trips, death of family, helping the ones who weren't able too and surgeries collectives was charged up. 
It's a question about borrower and lender in the Bible and me not able to payback, and Inhave been unemployed since Oct 2019. It's bothered me so much for nearly a year because I haven't been able to repay. Lots of sleepless nights but I have been prayerful and haven't given up as we are called to knock, seek and find. I would like to pay it all back. $219,000 in bills and $32000 in tighes to the church. I've done this ever since I faced death, my home, car, wallet has been opened and I know whose it is and who is incharge of it. Total is $251000 
I have all th proof, for whoever needs it. I met with a bankruptcy attorney as I was crying to her, she happens to be a Christians an when I paid her $2400, she shared that her work is also a ministry. She said I'm not lead to file this bankruptcy because Lord is saying I've got blessing coming towards me. It's been 2 months now. Attorney's name is Alice Bower in Arlington TX. I've tried to emailed Jeff Brazos but didn't hear anything back to see if he would be able to help out, I know my help comes from the Lord who is incharge of heavens and earth. He steward the heart for men like a water runs through as He pleases. I wrote to his former wife 2 days ago Mrs Scott and no answer and I've continues to pray. Today just an hour ago I ran across this site, don't know how this was on Google when I was searching for sofa legs. 
I know only Lord can move the heart of folks. If you can join me in a prayer and assist me to help pay back everything I owe that would be so awesome. This could be such an amazing testimony to other who may not be bringing first fruit to the store house. My cell is 972-765-4721 and my email is andrew_bhatia@yahoo.com. 
to Him be the Glory. 
Provers 3:5-6 and Phil 4:6-7
(my legal name is Anand Bhatia) and I reside in Allen TX. 
If you could help out great, if not atleast you got to hear my testimony and go tell others who Jesus is.