Myself, my daughters ages 4 &6 and my grandmother have been affected by the flooding in Eastern KY. We have lost many clothing items, furniture, appliances, toys, groceries, etc. 
I lost my husband in a car accident in June of 2018 and have been struggling to make ends meet before moving inn my grandmother last month and the covid pandemic and now a flood! 
I'm in need of assistance with clothing, cleaning supplies, furniture, food, appliances, possibly a couple more nights in a hotel. 
I promise to pay it forward every chance I'm given to do so. I have nobody else to ask for help and I'm desperate to provide my girls and grandmother with the essentials they need. Anything you could help with would be greatly appreciated more than you could imagine.  
Thank you and God bless you 
PayPal: Rebeccalynn27 
CashApp: rebeccanoblee