My name is Sabrina I am a 35 yr old mother of 2 from Fayetteville NC. Let me start off by introducing myself as not only a victim but a true survivor of Domestic violence. For 2 years I was held against my will and myself and my children were beaten and sexually assaulted by my ex fiance, My children and I were traumatized and we now suffer from p.t.s.d and multiple anxiety disorders but with the help of many outreach programs we have received the help that we needed to move on with our lives and start our new journey but rest assured it was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was to get my children and myself out of that situation. I felt so defeated I had noone to help me and nowhere to go because noone wanted to get involved, not even my own family because everyone was so scared of my abuser. I use to sit and pray that if I ever made it out of there alive that I would make it my lifes mission to help woman and children to never feel so alone and so defeated that they would feel trapped like I did like there was no way out. I use to lie in the bed or floor or wherever I landed after being beaten so badly that I couldn't move for days laying in my own urine scared to make a sound afraid to wake the beast after one of his alcoholic and drug induced rages that i remember just wanting to die cause I thought that was my only way out but wanting to live so bad to see my children's beautiful smiles one day instead of uncertainty and fear and for me that day finally came while he was sleeping we tip toed through the house and once out the front door with nothing but the clothes on our backs I grabbed both of my kids and ran as fast and as far away as I could in the middle of the night and for a split second I almost turned around and went back cause I didnt know what to do I had nothing nowhere to go no money no nothing I just kept walking and family wouldn't shelter me and my kids because they were scared my abuser would come after them, so for a few days we sat outside of a gas station out of peoples way and just held my babies and prayed for answers or a sign the shelters were full so we slept outside well they slept while I watched over them scared that my abuser was gonna find us or that someone would try and hurt us a woman with 2 small children in the middle of the night I was so scared but I never lost my faith I just kept praying asking god to help me send me a sign an angel a miracle and out of nowhere my prayers were answered, A woman pulled up and asked if we were ok and I just lost it I told her of my situation scared to say to much cause I didnt want my kids to be taken away from me but without hesitation she loaded us in her car took us to the grocery store bought food and soap and anything she thought we might need and we went straight to a motel and she paid for a month I was so greatful and thankful and scared all at the same time and she told me to get rested up and she would be back to check on me in the morning and she did just that but she did more than that she devoted her time everyday to help me get birth certificates, clothes, a job, enroll the kids in school, counseling, it was amazing and thanks to her 8 years later i am a survivor all because one person didnt turn the other cheek she had told me many successful stories of woman who she rescued from Domestic violence and gave them the strength to overcome  and I am one of her stories, sadly she passed away a couple years ago and I made a promise that I would carry on her work because somewhere out there, there is another woman lost, beaten, and broken on the verge of giving up mabye not the same story as mine but who definitely needs the same kind of help so I have created a 501 non profit organization to help Domestic violence Victims escape their abusers and work towards achieving the dreams and life that they deserve, this program provides temporary shelter, food, clothing, counseling resources, court council anything that is not out of our reach we will try and provide but in order to do so we are asking that if you are touched by this story and you would like to be part of a group to stop Domestic violence and to help create resources for many woman and children just like myself who need that angel to step in like mine did and show me that life wasnt over and that i.was worth more than that and that all i needed was a little guidance and support and protection and you can find it in your hearts to make a donation of any amount, every dollar counts to help me with this movement to bring protection and peace of mind and some kind of security to many woman out there who need this help but just dont know where to find it or dont know how to ask for it your contribution can make that happen and I know that if enough people feel as strongly about this as I do that this movement will change lives one day at a time thank you so much for your time and Blessed be your blessing in Jesus name ##Notyourpunchingbag## ##Liftyourheadup## ##Yourangelisonitsway##
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