Reverend Dr. Mildred N Spencer a distinguished and widely respected teacher, spiritual leader, mentor and supporter of higher Christian Education founded the Ebenezer Temple Scholarship Fund in 1969. The name was later changed to The Mildred N Spencer scholarship Fund in 2015 just eight months before she passed away that year.
Her goal was to encourage and help enable you g people to pursue higher education. She recognized that helping them to become successful both vocationally and spiritually, we strengthen families, communities and the church while also brightening their futures. 
The scholarship fund has successfully supported numerous students over the past fifty plus years. Our young have now taken their places as responsible contributors in business, government, science, the arts and much more. Over the past years we have been able to award scholarships up to $1,000 to each of our high school graduates who have successfully completed their first year of college. Such support is possible however, only through the love and generosity of individuals like you who truly care and recognize that a small sacrifice on your part makes a great difference and lasting impact.